Kentucky Wildcats: AP and Coaches Polls And Analysis

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky moves up, but Louisville takes a big hit.

Okay, the polls are out and we get to see what defeating Louisville in Rupp Arena does for the Wildcats. Below, we have a table that compares the poll position of each team in the AP and Coaches Polls sorted by AP poll position.

Here is some quick analysis of the polls:

  • It's interesting that Kentucky and Louisville are so close in the AP and so much farther apart in the coaches. I actually think, based on the team performances at, that the coaches is closer to correct than the AP.

    For those who tend to be annoyed when voters place a losing team ahead of a winner, just remember that a proper poll would not consider a head-to-head matchup unless it were a tie. For the record, I think Louisville deserves to be ahead of Kentucky right now.

  • I am very skeptical of Baylor's exalted poll position. While they did beat us and played Syracuse close, the narrow escape at home to a weak Northwestern St. team gives me serious doubts that they deserve to be a top 10 team.

  • Is there some really good reason why Duke is a top ten team? I can't see it.

  • Oregon is good. Not sure they are top ten good. They don't defend well at all.

Overall, though, I don't have many gripes about the polls this week. I think there are a few teams that may deserve to be in more than Mizzou or Gonzaga, but honestly, the case for them is just as defensible. Pittsburgh is very good, UMass may deserve to be much higher based on their record, and Colorado may be better than their ranking. But honestly, these are mere quibbles. As polls go, this is as good as any.

What do you think?

TEAM RECORD AP Rank AP Points Coaches Rank Coaches points
Arizona 13-0 1 1620 1 798
Syracuse 12-0 2 1550 2 762
Ohio State 13-0 3 1462 3 741
Wisconsin 13-0 4 1408 5 677
Michigan State 11-1 5 1364 4 682
Oklahoma State 11-1 6 1278 6 605
Duke 10-2 7 1144 8 568
Wichita State 13-0 8 1067 7 588
Baylor 10-1 9 1013 11 429
Oregon 12-0 10 987 9 530
Villanova 11-1 11 943 14 392
Florida 10-2 12 915 13 413
Iowa State 11-0 13 869 12 420
Louisville 11-2 14 812 10 515
Kentucky 10-3 15 753 16 319
Kansas 8-3 16 666 17 314
Connecticut 11-1 17 647 15 340
Memphis 9-2 18 625 18 268
North Carolina 9-3 19 413 19 184
Colorado 11-2 20 373 24 92
San Diego State 10-1 21 371 19 184
Iowa 11-2 22 258 23 113
Massachusetts 11-1 23 160 22 137
Gonzaga 11-2 24 78 21 145
Missouri 11-1 25 76 25 51
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