SEC Power Poll: Pre-SEC Championship Ballot

Kevin C. Cox

Auburn and Missouri top the SEC Power Poll ballot for the first time this season.

Here you see my final SEC Power Poll ballot for the regular season. For the first time this season on my ballot, Alabama is not the top team. It felt odd voting someone else as the top team in the SEC, and it's been a long time since I voted for any team not named Alabama as the #1 team.

With that said, if you had told me at the beginning of the season that Auburn and Missouri would be playing for the SEC championship in Atlanta, I never would have believed you. In fact, I would have laughed in your face. Who's laughing now?

As I was filling out my ballot, it occurred to me that LSU has had the quietest season ever for them. I have barely heard them mentioned all year long. Even Vanderbilt has received more attention from the media. Weird.

So, without further ado, here is my ballot. Your comments are welcome, as always.

RNK Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV FBR Polls Comments
1 Auburn 7-1 11-1 54.5 463-270 16.1 3 3,(3) I think they rolled the whole city after beating Alabama
2 Missouri 7-1 11-1 53.48 465-233 19.3 4 5,5 I am dumbfounded they were able to do this. Congrats.
3 Alabama 7-1 11-1 47.16 465-136 27.4 5 4,(4) Karma for running up the score on Kentucky? Except, well, how could you not run up the score on Kentucky this season?
4 South Carolina 6-2 10-2 53.67 409-240 14.1 8 8,7,8 Well, Dabo, that's what you get for drinking Jobu's rum. Just sayin'.
5 LSU 5-3 9-3 47.62 444-272 14.3 14 14,15 Oh, LSU. Yeah. Forgot about them. So has everyone else.
6 Texas A&M 4-4 8-4 56.47 523-371 12.7 24 22,25,23,24 One Johnny Football + 0 defense = 8-4. Still pretty good.
7 Georgia 5-3 8-4 56.75 458-353 8.8 25 25,27,22 Is there anyone at Georgia who isn't in the hospital? And what does that say about Georgia Tech?
8 Vanderbilt 4-4 8-4 41.82 350-296 4.5 39 31,28,34,32 Bowling again, 3 straight years. Gotta hand it to James Franklin. Heck of a job.
9 Mississippi State 3-5 6-6 58.7 316-292 2 41
Egg Bowl winners deserve to be ranked over the losers.
10 Mississippi 3-5 7-5 54.24 365-291 6.2 30
Gotta win that rivalry game, boys.
11 Tennessee 2-6 5-7 56.27 286-348 -5.2 46
Finished the season as strongly as possible.
12 Florida 3-5 4-8 55.76 226-253 -2.3 59
Will Muschamp needed two sacrificial lambs to survive this season.
13 Arkansas 0-8 3-9 52.51 248-369 -10.1 91
At least they beat all three of their cupcakes.
14 Kentucky 0-8 2-10 52.9 246-374 -10.7 99
Better luck next year.
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