NCAA Football 2013 Top 25: Post-Iron Bowl Associated Press Poll

Can Alabama kiss this goodbye? Not necessarily. - Christian Petersen

Here is the new AP poll, hot off the presses.

Well, this is pretty much what you would expect.  Florida St. is a well-deserved #1, and Ohio St. #2 because they are undefeated.  Myself, I find it hard to rank Auburn above Alabama, since I think Alabama is still the better team.  Yes, Auburn beat them at Auburn on a rare and arguably fluky play.  I also credit Nick Saban with some head-scratching coaching decisions that led to the defeat, but to be fair Auburn made a couple as well that just didn't hurt them as badly.

This is no disrespect to Auburn, I am not passionately opposed to ranking them above Alabama, but I reject the thinking that a single game not on a neutral field makes one team automatically better than the other, especially one as closely contested as this year's Iron Bowl.  But the voters can be forgiven for taking this view, as it is the main way of thinking about ranking football teams.  Mistaken, in my view, but forgivable.

The league championship games will have a lot to say about who plays for the BCS title.  It is theoretically possible if Auburn loses to Mizzou and Ohio St. loses to Michigan St., then the Tide will probably back into the game, and that is a definite possibility.  FSU losing to Duke in the ACC championship could provide another path, but I think that is very much less likely than the other two.

The big question is what happens if we have the Apocalypse: FSU, OSU, and Auburn all losing.  That would seem to be a path for Alabama and (gasp!) Missouri to play for the BCS title.

Wild stuff.  Talk about it.

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Florida State (58) 12-0 1,498 2
2 Ohio State 12-0 1,418 3
3 Auburn (2) 11-1 1,387 4
4 Alabama 11-1 1,294 1
5 Missouri 11-1 1,281 5
6 Oklahoma State 10-1 1,197 7
7 Stanford 10-2 1,067 8
8 South Carolina 10-2 1,066 10
9 Baylor 10-1 1,020 9
10 Michigan State 11-1 1,002 11
11 Arizona State 10-2 843 13
12 Oregon 10-2 815 12
13 Clemson 10-2 813 6
14 LSU 9-3 690 15
15 UCF 10-1 621 17
16 Northern Illinois 12-0 596 18
17 UCLA 9-3 510 22
18 Oklahoma 9-2 503 20
19 Louisville 10-1 482 21
20 Duke 10-2 348 24
21 Wisconsin 9-3 299 14
22 Texas A&M 8-4 186 19
23 Texas 8-3 156 NR
24 Fresno State 10-1 124 16
25 Georgia 8-4 111 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Cincinnati 45, USC 28, Miami (FL) 26, Notre Dame 26, Iowa 23, Vanderbilt 16, Washington 6, Minnesota 2, North Dakota State 1
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