Kentucky Football: Post Alabama State Statistics

Andy Lyons

Checking in on the tale of the tape for the Kentucky victory over ASU.

Was Saturday night’s game the longest ever with overtimes? It sure seemed like it. The far too many and lengthy officials meetings to discuss penalties on the field rivaled all the combined commercials in the time consumed.

What we saw was probably one of the most undisciplined teams ever to play at Commonwealth Stadium. While some fans and the folks over at KSR are almost downright euphoric over the win, I cannot hold that same opinion. I don't think Stoops will be either after he watches the film.

While the Box Score shows 233 rushing yards, 88 of those came on the second play of our first drive with Whitlow's spectacular touchdown run. That left 145 for the rest of the game. Whitlow gained 134 total yards, but lost 33 due to sacks (3) and tackles for loss (56 yards). Whitlow only had 186 yards passing (Smith had 3). Alabama State had 90 yards in penalties! Yikes! That sure did help us...a lot.

There were a couple of plays that we saw in the game that we saw last week with the same results. One was this play. The other was the same play that Mississippi State scored on. See it here at roughly the 46 second mark. Apparently, there were no lessons learned from the Mississippi State game.

A win is a win and we were favored by 27(?) points, so we should walk away happy. I just don't think I saw our best game and maybe was expecting more. I certainly didn't see anything to make me believe we will win another game this year.

Here's our NCAA stats after this past weekend's games.


Rushing Offense: 162.3 (69) up from 152.1 (85) 2012 Rank 138.75 (87)

Passing Offense: 195.4 (95) down from 196.3 (95) 2012 Rank 176.25 (102)

Passing Efficiency: 129.57 (69) up from 128.63 (72) 2012 Rank 108.62 (111)

Red Zone Offense: 80.8% (79) up from 80.0% (80) 2012 Rank N/A

Scoring Offense: 24.0 (91) up from 20.6 (104) 2012 Rank 17.92 (116)

Total Offense: 357.6 (98) down, but up from 384.4 (104) 2012 Rank 315.00 (113)

Tackles for Loss Allowed: 48 (66) down from 38 (t-46) 2012 Rank N/A

Sacks Allowed: 2.50 (t-90) down from 2.43 (t-83) 2012 Rank 2.17 (75)

Time of possession: 27 (113) up from 26 (118) 2012 Rank N/A

3rd Down Conv. %: 28.6% (116) up from 25.0% (120) 2012 Rank N/A

4th Down Conv. %: 71.4% (6) down, but up from 72.2% (9) 2012 Rank N/A

First Downs: 145 (108) up from (t-114) 2012 Rank N/A

Our offensive line was merely okay. Something good happened when they decided to block, but they had a tough time against a FCS team far too often.


Rushing Defense: 197.6 (95) up from 204.6 (101) 2012 Rank 161.25 (62)

Passing Defense: 223.4 (49) up from 234.1 (69) 2012 Rank 229.75 (57)

Scoring Defense: 27.3 (t-70) up from 29.1 (t-76) 2012 Rank 31.00 (85)

Passing Efficiency Defense: 145.32 (100) up from 152.15 (111) 2012 Rank 146.56 (100)

Passes Intercepted: 1 (t-122) down from 1 (t-121) 2012 Rank N/A

Tackles for Loss: 4.3 (t-114) up from 4.1 (114) 2012 Rank 4.42 (105)

Sacks: 2.25 (t-43) down from 2.29 (t-43) 2012 Rank 2.17 (49)

Total Defense: 421.0 (82) down from 438.7 (93) 2012 Rank 391.00 (59)

3rd Down Conv. %: 45.0% (103) down from 45.2% (104) 2012 Rank: N/A

4th Down Conversion %: 60.0% (t-90) down from 66.7% (t-98) 2012 Rank: N/A

First Downs: 168 (t-60) up from 155 (t-61) 2012 Rank: N/A

I can't say that our defense has actually improved because of all the Alabama State penalties and poor field position. That first drive with Crowell's touchdown made our D look pretty weak.

Turnover Margin: +0.4 (t-41) up from +0.1 (t-57) 2012 Rank N/A

Net Punting: 37.07 (67) improved from 36.11 (t-84) 2012 Rank 39.46 (18)

Punt Returns: 5.94 (90) down from 7.62 (t-69) 2012 Rank N/A

Punt Return Defense: 7.75 (67) up from 8.57 (72) 2012 Rank N/A

Kickoff Returns: 23.57 (29) down from 24.0 (27) 2012 Rank N/A

Kickoff Return Defense: 16.90 (6) improved from 17.9 (12) 2012 Rank N/A

Early in August, Neal Brown talked about his expectations:

Plays per game: 75

3rd Down Conversion Rate: 48%

1st Down yards: 4 or more yards


Saturday's plays: 73

3rd Down Conversion Rate: 43.8%

1st Down yards: 50.0% - 4 or more yards (15 of 30 attempts)

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