NCAA Basketball Top 25: AP Poll Of 11/18/2013

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The latest Associated Press poll for 11/18/2013 is out, and Kentucky is no longer #1.

The new AP poll is hot off the presses. There are quite a number of changes, as there often are in college basketball early in the season. Without further ado, here is your poll. This thing is sortable by clicking on the heading. My comments follow below.

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Michigan State 3-0 1,608 2
2 Kansas 2-0 1,523 5
3 Louisville 3-0 1,511 3
4 Kentucky 3-1 1,410 1
5 Arizona 3-0 1,339 6
6 Duke 2-1 1,320 4
7 Oklahoma State 3-0 1,198 8
8 Ohio State 3-0 1,172 10
9 Syracuse 3-0 1,135 9
10 VCU 3-0 928 14
11 Memphis 1-0 871 13
12 Wisconsin 3-0 763 20
13 Gonzaga 3-0 710 15
14 Wichita State 4-0 705 16
14 Michigan 2-1 705 7
16 Florida 2-1 619 11
17 Oregon 2-0 613 18
18 Connecticut 4-0 600 19
19 New Mexico 2-0 353 22
20 Baylor 3-0 342 23
21 Iowa State 3-0 296 21
22 UCLA 2-0 291 24
23 Creighton 3-0 246 26
24 North Carolina 2-1 213 12
25 Marquette 2-1 144 17
  • The biggest drop by far was the North Carolina Tar Heels, who lost at home to the Belmont Bruins. To be fair, two of thier star players, P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald, were out with NCAA issues.

  • The Florida Gators also hit a significant drop losing to the Wisconsin Badgers. This was payback for last season, I guess, when the Badgers got thoroughly outplayed by the Gators early in the season.

  • Wisconsin takes a big eight spot jump up the rankings on the strength of the victory over Florida.

  • The Michigan Wolverines took the second biggest hit after losing to the Iowa St. Hawkeyes Cyclones at Iowa St. What's funny is that Ken Pomeroy had that upset picked. This was a case where the Hawkeyes were not given near enough respect by the AP voters. You see this a lot in the lower levels of the poll, not so much in the upper ones. But Michigan's stock was way overbought at 7, not so much at 14, which feels better to me.

  • The Ohio St. Buckeyes jumped into the top ten after beating Marquette convincingly. I think Marquette is esteemed too highly this season by many, and OSU not highly enough.

  • Kentucky dropped from 1 to 4. I think that's about right.

That's what I have to offer. Let's hear your comments.

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