SEC Power Poll Ballot: Post-Week 6 Edition

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Little has changed at the top or bottom, but there is some movement in the middle.

It's time once again for A Sea of Blue's SEC Power Poll ballot. This week saw one very close call, and a couple of teams that outperformed expectations given the situation they were in, one of which happened to be Kentucky.

Unfortunately, close will only get you so much, and no matter what Kentucky has done, they have only 1 victory to their credit this season. Perhaps when this gruesome gauntlet of top teams finally ends after the Alabama game next weekend, the Wildcats will find a way to get another game or two in the win column.

Here's my ballot for this week.  Your comments are encouraged.

Rnk Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Comments
1 Alabama 2-0 5-0 49.58 185-61 24.8 1 at Kentucky The Tide rolled over a cupcake, but they still look the best.
2 Georgia 3-0 4-1 59.63 199-161 7.6 7 Missouri Narrow escape against Vols makes me want to drop them down, but who could I put above them?
3 Texas A&M 1-1 4-1 54.7 246-154 18.4 9 at Mississippi Bye week
4 LSU 2-1 5-1 53.03 273-148 20.8 10,11 Florida Has Les Miles ever produced an offense this good?
6 Florida 3-0 4-1 62.02 125-61 12.8 17 at LSU They aren't sexy, but they beat you with good, old-fashioned football.
5 South Carolina 2-1 4-1 57.61 155-129 5.2 14,12 at Arkansas Is Jadeveon Clowney worth 2 touchdowns? Not likely.
7 Missouri 1-0 5-0 54.61 233-112 24.2 25,26 at Georgia I can't believe I have them this high on the strength of a win over Vandy.
8 Auburn 2-1 4-1 52.71 144-110 6.8 26,30 Western Carolina Impressive home stand against the Rebs. Nice rebound from last year.
9 Mississippi 1-2 3-2 52.96 136-126 2 32 Texas A&M The Alabama crushing apparently cost them two games.
10 Vanderbilt 0-3 3-3 46.42 202-159 7.2
Oct 19, Georgia Seems like they're returning to historical form.
11 Tennessee 0-2 3-3 61.56 190-168 3.7
Oct 19, South Carolina Nice effort against the Dawgs. It sucks when a freak play costs you a huge upset.
12 Arkansas 0-2 3-3 59.42 156-141 2.5
South Carolina Turnovers on the road will do it every time.
13 Mississippi State 0-2 2-3 59.73 162-118 8.8
Bowling Green LSU loss Looks a lot closer on paper. LSU's defense isn't exactly the 2 miles of land mines and barbed wire fence it was a couple of years ago.
14 Kentucky 0-2 1-4 56.46 115-128 -2.6
Alabama Game effort by a team that seems bent on improvement.
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