THIS WEEK IN SOCCER: Men face Marshall, Women Angle for SECT Seeding

White & Blue Review

Hey, soccer and/or Cats fans, it's your humble Kentucky soccer correspondent. I've been on vacay for the past week, thus the complete and utter lack of SOCCA coverage here at A Sea (or Smattering, if we're talking soccer) of Blue. BUT FEAR NOT! I'm back, and better than ever at half-assedly providing you reader(s) with the soft-hitting SOCCER coverage you've come to know and love this season.

Quick recap of events since the men beat Valparaiso:

Men: Lost 1-0 to Charlotte, drew 0-0 against Tulsa and lost 1-4 to FIU, both of those in Lexington. Sigh.

Women: Lost 0-3 at Florida (inevitable), won 2-4 at Alabama, lost 1-2 in double OT to Mizzou, and beat LSU 3-1 last Sunday. Very up and down over the last four. A little surprised at the Missouri loss, but beating Bama and the Bayou Bengals was a nice touch.


The men play Marhsall tonight in Huntington at 7:00. Shockingly, this game is not on TV. The Thundrin' Herd, as it is called, are actually worse than UK this year, failing to yet win a game in conference and sitting on just 3 points in seven games. Think Sunderland, but even worse! (Kentucky's only one win better, with five points). Marshall are, apparently, big fans of ties, both neck and soccer, netting six draws on the season so far. Sounds like a real barn burner!

The women have one more game before the SEC Tournament, tomorrow night in the South Carolina version of Columbia against the Lady Gamecocks. Shouldn't it be the Gamehens or something instead? It's a little oxymoronic, like lady bull or something. Maybe it's a unisex fighting chicken. That could be it. Anyway, our awesome Lady Soccer Cats sit in fourth place in the SEC at the moment, only behind Florida, Texas A&M (WHAT IS IT WITH THOSE AGGIES BEING GOOD AT STUFF) and (gasp!) South Carolina. A win in Columbia tomorrow night would be nice for Tournament seeding, as the 3 seed plays the 6 seed while the 4 plays the 5 (both get first round byes, though). Our ladies have been really, really good on the road this season, with a 6-2 record away from UKSC. Unfortunately, the Gamehens are undefeated at home on the season, even beating Florida earlier this month 2-0. Let's hope the spooky Lady Cats scare the bejeezus out of the Gamehens and pick up a huge win tomorrow night!

UPDATE: South Carolina apparently calls its soccer field "The Graveyard." Watch out for those floating limbs of the poorly buried dead, Arin Gilliland!


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