Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: The News In Blue 10/29/2013

It's just a blue and white kinda day!! - Andy Lyons

Kentucky Wildcat Lynx: “They had it before you, they had it during you, they’ll have it when you’re gone ...” you hear it? The floor is vibrating, the muffled sounds of "here, here," the squeak of clean rubber soles hitting oak planks covered in varnish and wax. It can only mean one thing. It's time. We wait no longer. Tonight we will see players clad in blue and white fighting for the ball, for playing time, and some, for respect. Who will lead? Will the rest follow? Will the lessons of a year of missed opportunities be learned? One way or another, we should start seeing some answers tonight.

Of course, the Blue-White game is only one part of a myriad of activity on campus this week. Other items might also have caught your eye. Or your ear. Such as the UK Hoops Squad having their single game season tix go on sale. Or maybe it was Coach Stoops talking about Alabama State and the ins and outs of who will and who won't take snaps this week in practice and in the game come Saturday. Hearing about this warmed my heart. As if Calipari needed more fans.Paying for two student's tuitions AND taking Pitino to school this season is a big gesture on his part. Oh yeah, he's back at the mailbag again!!

Wonder why so many top ranked players trust John Calipari? Julius Randle knows. How badly is that offsides call bothering Mark Stoops? Heh...even worse than it bothered me. Stuff like that is why I love the guy. He is as much a fan as the fans are. He takes things personally. Guys who do that hit a note with me. It was wrong. There is no way to fix it in the current system, even when it cost his team the game. Poor judgement by a referee should not cost teams games.

Did Stoops make it personal with members of his team? Not on your life.This article demonstrates why coaches coach and commentators comment. Questioning John Calipari's judgement concerning his players is just plain stupid. John Clay brings us a list of Big Blue Events for November, without commentary.

Our Tweet of The Day comes from one of Kentucky's 22 young NBA talents on various rosters:

I do love it so when people are succinct.

A little video "Warm Up" to get you in the mood for tonight:

What is the final cost of Jerry Sandusky going to be for college football and Penn State? Well, Penn State's bill just got a whole lot higher.

The Fall Classic could be down to it's final game. Boston seems determined to make sure the Curse of The Bambino is never spoken of again. There really was Monday Night Football last night. Although I am not sure anyone knew it. It must have been a big event, though, cause everyone was there.

Gary Parrish says Rick Barnes may have an "at risk" season, along with some others. If you are a college basketball coach, you do not want to be in one of these places and make a mistake this year.

Now for The Links That Wild Weasel Would Never Bring YouThis woman is crying M.C. Hammer. I never realized that touching pregnant women was ever such a big issue. Star Wars is never a bad link. Spending too much time at the computer? Putting on a few pounds? Here you go, a chair that helps.

So, until the day after...

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