College Football: SEC Power Poll, Post-Week 7 Ballot

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Crimson Tide are still at the top, and the Wildcats still at the bottom. But there is some movement in between.

It's time again for the SEC Power Poll ballot for Week 7. The very top and very bottom are pretty much the same, but in-between, we've seen some movement, particularly Georgia due to the home loss to Missouri. South Carolina's beat-down of Arkansas and Georgia falling down produced some movement for them, and LSU's victory over Florida in Death Valley put them at #2, where I pretty much expect them to stay until they clash with the Tide on November 9th.

Notice Georgia and Florida sitting there, right beside each other, with only a game and a bye week separating them from the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. I've got that one circled, and a whole lot depends on if Michael Bennett's torn meniscus recovery, and anxiously awaiting the return of Todd Gurley from an ankle. By then, there is a good chance leading tackler Ramik Wildson will also finally be available, making the Bulldogs about as healthy as they are likely to get.

Anyway, this is how I see it. Your comments are encouraged.

Rnk Team Chg cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Remarks
1 Alabama - 3-0 6-0 49.42 233-68 27.5 1 Arkansas On another level. This team keeps getting better, and they were way too good for Kentucky.
2 LSU +2 3-1 6-1 52.27 290-154 19.4 6,8 at Mississippi Maybe the only team good enough to challenge Alabama, but after this weekend, I'm not even sure they are.
3 Texas A&M - 2-1 5-1 56.18 287-192 15.8 7 Auburn Keeps winning with offense, but that's not going to hold up forever.
4 South Carolina +1 3-1 5-1 56.59 207-136 11.8 11,9 at Tennessee After a scare versus Kentucky, they took Arkansas apart. Connor Shaw for Heisman? Sure looked good on Saturday.
5 Missouri +2 2-0 6-0 52.46 274-138 22.7 14 Florida Impressive offense from Mizzou. I've doubted them, but no more. Georgia was beat up, but not enough to justify a home loss.
6 Georgia -4 3-1 4-2 58.26 225-202 3.8 15,16 at Vanderbilt Weak defense looks even weaker after Missouri rolled up 454 yards between the hedges.
7 Florida -1 3-1 4-2 60.21 131-78 8.8 22,21 at Missouri Strong defense not strong enough to stop the Cam Cameron steamroller, but they did slow it down.
8 Auburn - 2-1 5-1 52.17 206-113 15.5 24,28,27 at Texas A&M 511 yards rushing is … pretty spectacular, even with a cupcake in your mouth.
9 Mississippi - 1-3 3-3 55 174-167 1.2 38 LSU Nice try. Just a little too much Manziel and a little to little defense. Giving up 241 yards on the ground and 300+ through the air will get you beat most times.
10 Vanderbilt - 0-3 3-3 47.11 202-159 7.2
Georgia Bye week
11 Tennessee - 0-2 3-3 59.97 190-168 3.7
South Carolina Bye week
12 Mississippi State +1 0-2 3-3 59.52 183-138 7.5
Oct 26, Kentucky Escaping Bowling Green by one might not be so bad if Urban Meyer were still there. Alas...
13 Arkansas -1 0-3 3-4 58.76 163-193 -4.3
at Alabama Noncompetitive game at home for homecoming. Yikes. Not the way to enamor yourself to the fan base, Bret Bielema.
14 Kentucky - 0-3 1-5 56.31 122-176 -9
Oct 26, at Mississippi State The Big Crimson Elephant came in and sat on the Wildcats, leaving destruction, chaos, and a greasy spot.
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