UK Hoops 87- Alabama Crimson Tide 70 Postmortem: Crazy In Alabama


Kentucky Head Coach Matthew Mitchell is looking for consistency, leadership, and growth from his team as the SEC season is now in full swing. The only way for a team to respond that a coach will be 100% pleased with is an absolute blowout in which the team never loses focus.

So, having said that, I guarantee you that Mitchell will not be 100% pleased with his players when they meet tomorrow for practice. He will have a list of things that they need to improve on to get to where they need to be. Unfortunately, for me, I could neither see nor hear this game, so I have to go with nothing but the stats to back up my assumptions. I am giving the game ball to DeNesha Stallworth simply because she posted a double-double of 19 pts- 10 reb. That's another back to back double double for her, the second time she has done that this season, I believe.

For team leader and the heart of this group, A'Dia MitchellMathies, she had a tale of two halves. Spending a lot of time on the bench in the first half sidelined by fouls, she came out in the second half and shot 5-6 from 3pt range to help UK hold Alabama under their thumbs through to the end. Samarie Walker herself added another double-double to her stats, and the inside combination of Walker and Stallworth are really starting to pay dividends.

So, the stats will have to tell the rest of the tale and here they are:

UK: FG Shooting- 28-70 (40.0%) 3PT Shooting 8-31 (25.8%) FT Shooting 23-27 (85.2%)

54 Rebounds (22/32- off/def) 14 Assists- 18 Turnovers, 26 points in the paint, 13 points off the bench

10 points off turnovers, 0.8 Asst/Turnover ratio

All in all, if the turnovers had not been so bad, The Cats might seriously want to look into something to help them hold onto the ball. Their last two games have shown, if anything, that they can overcome a bad game handling the ball, but they need to get better at it and soon.

14-1,2-0 is a pretty good start for Kentucky, and they keep setting records all along the way. Let's hope there is a serious sized trophy at the end of the rainbow with the words "NCAA Champions" across it's front.

Next up, Texas A&M on Thursday night at 6:00. TV Coverage will return on FSN.

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