Choc-o-ball is in the Air

I see choc-o-ball. - Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Choc-o-ball is in the air, the BCS Championship game and the NFL playoffs are here, and the Super Bowl is on the way. Oh what fun it is to ride.

For a football fan, the holiday season has arrived. This is the time we've been promised to see the best of the best. The elite athletes are all being highlighted. I haven't been able to catch all of this year's college bowl games, but the ones I have watched for the most part have been good games. It's an off week for Kentucky Basketball and that lends my attention to football.

The Heisman winner, Johnny Football, proved he was the right choice against the Sooners. We've seen some upsets and also outcomes that everyone saw coming. We've been shown spectacular hits, tough tackles broken, no-way-he-caught-that catches, and coaches reacting to unbelievable calls. The NFL playoffs have us anxious to find out if our very own Randall Cobb will be the difference against the Vikings today. I know it, (my apologies to Minnesota fans) but he is aka Superfootballguy around some parts. I call this fun.

The college bowl games are winding down with a couple more this weekend and the big one, the BCS Championship game on Monday night. Two great coaches slated against each other, Nick Saban vs Brian Kelly. Two storied football traditions pitted against each other. The Tide against the Irish. I'll be cheering Roll Tide.

What does this, dear author, have to do with the Kentucky Wildcats? I heard you ask. Fair question, dear reader. I will explain it a little better. Obviously, I took the opportunity to place Randall Cobb in the conversation. Secondly we have this year's Heisman winner from the SEC and we also have 'Bama representing our conference in the Championship Bowl on Monday night.

The next point I wanted to make is that it is now 2013. Soon April will bring us the spring Blue/White game and all the hype will be upon us. The choc-o-ball will be in the air, so we've been told. I've even seen Air Raid Part Deux shirts for sale. New Head Coach Mark Stoops will step into Commonwealth Stadium and onto CM Newton Field and unveil a first look of the new and improved we have heard so much about. And yes, that sounds like fun.

Then before we know it, the calendar will turn to August and it will almost be time for football again. Saturday, August 31st, 2013 is only 238 days away. Or 7 months 26 days, or just 34 weeks. It will be time for Kentucky football before we know it and with this comes higher hopes for a football holiday season for our 'Cats once again. That is definitely more fun.

Lastly, just because we love polls, let's see how everyone is feeling about the outcome of the BCS Championship game. If there is any question, yes, it would be fun to watch that game with Bear and Lou.

Go 'Cats!

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