Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Kentucky at a Crossroads Edition

Kentucky is at a crossroads after the Alabama loss. - Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Calipari would like to bench some players. Kentucky plays LSU today in Rupp Arena. Dermontti Dawson finalist for Kentucky Sportsman of the Year. More.

Calipari's recent comments to the media indicate that the Wildcats are at a crossroads, and he's trying something that worked with Kyle Wiltjer, although he hasn't used a particular name. Consider this comment:

"Like we need some guys to sit right now," says Cal. "There are some guys who should not be playing but 4-5 minutes that are playing 30. They don't deserve to be on the court. But where we are right now, they have to be out there. Or we have to sit them and take the consequences which is the next step."

And then this one:

"We still don’t trust each other. Late in the game, when it gets hairy, you don’t trust that the other guy’s near you or he’s not doing what he’s (supposed to) because we’re not talking enough or a guy’s not hustling or a guy will get beat to a ball or we’ll leave or feet or we’ll foul. We just don’t trust each other. Again, we’re still into our own selves. That’s what we’re working on: You’ve gotta get out of your own self’s way.

How many times has this same comment appeared in postmortems here? I can't count them all.

Now, can any of you tell me who he might be talking about? If you don't know, you haven't been paying attention. But then, you have to worry about this:

"If you’re delusional, you’re not gonna change. Delusional guys don’t change. They just think, ‘I’m good. My stuff is right. It’s somebody else.’ If you’re delusional, you don’t change. We just have to have guys go out accept where they are right now – where we are as a team, where they are as an individual player, what the team needs from them.

In this context, delusional and insane are approximately the same thing. Anybody out there feeling me here?

Tweet of the Morning:

I get the message, Oscar, and I'm sure most fans do. What I'm worried about is, does this TEAM get the message? We'll see soon.

Your Quickies:

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  • Kyle Wiltjer is sounding more and more like the player we need him to be. Via Sam Henson.
  • Calipari seeking more from youthful Kentucky // The Advocate

    So how are the royal blue-and-white crazed masses of Big Blue Nation handling the crisis? Pretty well, actually.

    "It’s not as worrisome as some people make it out," said Jerry Tipton, who has covered Kentucky since 1980 for The Lexington Herald-Leader. "There’s still a little bit of a honeymoon period here because they won it all last year."

    I think we've handled it a little too well. Too many people have tuned out this year and are waiting around for next year to cheer. To me, that's wrong, and sad.
  • Kentucky-LSU notes: UK players starting to feel sense of urgency //

    "I think yesterday's practice a lot of urgency was shown," he said. "I think it was one of the hardest practices we've had since I've been here. ... That was a good sign. I hope guys are realizing that it has to be turned around, and we don't have much time to keep saying the same things."
    Wonderful. Hard practices are great. What matters is wins. That's where we are. Great games are no longer enough.
  • The blame game: Players say they're at fault for not changing //

    "We’re tired of Coach taking the blame (when) it’s really not his fault," graduate student Julius Mays said. "He’s doing what he’s supposed to do. It’s about us not doing what we’re supposed to do."
    It's nice to hear this from Mays, but he's not the guy I want to hear it from. I know Mays gets it.
  • Huntington (W. Va.) Prep pummels Aiken, 68-41 //

    All eyes were on Andrew Wiggins in Friday night’s finale of the Scholastic Play-by-Play Classic at Withrow. And the consensus No. 1-ranked recruit nationally University of Kentucky recruit did not disappoint an estimated crowd of 1,200.
    I'd like to see him in Blue and White.
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  • DURHAM, N.C.: Duke resets after the 'annihilation' //

    "Just being around that program and being a past player in that program, I've never once seen a team just kind of roll over like that," [Jay] Williams said of the game against the Hurricanes. "It just seemed like they conceded, like, yeah, it was over, that's it. I've never seen that before."
    Jay must have missed the Duke at Ohio St. game just last year, then.
  • Cuonzo Martin contacts SEC on how Jarnell Stokes is officiated // GoVolsXtra

    I saw some of that game, and I'm not sure Cuonzo Martin doesn't have a point. However, the fact that Martin hasn't had a technical in 153 games is telling. Sometimes you have to take one to get the attention of the officials, and it does work.

    But if he expects Gerald Boudreaux to do anything about it, he's delusional. Via John Clay.
  • UCLA clears Shabazz Muhammad for Gucci backpack

    Do players think that their clothes, cars, and accessories go unnoticed or something? Look, I'm happy Muhammad was cleared and all, but you would think coaches would spend time explaining to these kids, AND their families, that everybody is paying attention to them, and things like Rolex watches and Gucci backpacks are going to become national news.

    Let your son buy his own Gucci backpack when he's in the NBA, for God's sake. Parents need to at least act like it's their son, not them, who have yet to reach their second decade of life.
  • Gators look for fast start in Starkville //
    To me, Florida and Indiana look like the two best teams in the country. Louisville is in the conversation, but their shooting and decision-making are so hit-and-miss, it's hard to be a believer.

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