Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Duke Drubbed Edition

Miami rushes the floor after abusing Duke. - Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky women play #14 South Carolina tonight in Columbia. Duke crushed at Miami. Butler gets beat at the buzzer. Marquis Teague bides his time. More.

The Duke Blue Devils got uncharacteristically crushed last night in Miami versus the Miami Hurricanes. I guess Miami got a bunch of good news yesterday -- a reprieve on their NCAA Notice of Allegations due to the NCAA's self-investigation of improprieties, and the joy of not just beating, but thumping the Blue Devils -- a team that everyone would dearly love to thump.

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  • Ira Combs Weekly Column

    The problem for Barkley , Coach Cal and BBN is the NBA scouts have no questions or concerns about any of the three (5) star college recruits turned freshman at UK . The NBA GM's and front office personnel all across professional basketball have already firmly stamped all three for solid 1st round picks with Noel being heavily pushed for the # 1 pick overall .in that comment. Calipari is somewhat famous for a failure to follow throw on free throw problems.
    I think Calipari is trying to work on free throws. Poythress is now making them. Noel is improving, although he is not going to be a good free throw shooter this year. Goodwin definitely needs more work, he shoots the ball way too flat.
  • Guest post: Despite struggles, fans in Rupp Arena upper deck not ready to abandon team // vaughtsviews

    I will be in my seat for the next game, as will hundreds of other familiar faces in my section. We will cheer loudly for each great play and groan just as loudly when things go wrong. The only thing we won’t do is abandon this team.
    Written by a fan, acting like a fan should act.
  • Kentucky Wildcats May Be Fried //

    More than halfway through this year's college basketball campaign, those of us who predicted back-to-back titles for the Wildcats don't have egg on our faces so much as Western omelets with a side of hash browns and bacon.
    Funny symbolism, that. I wasn't predicting back to back titles, but I did expect better than this. The good news is, I like omelets...

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  • Outside Shot // Keith O'Brien
    This book looks very interesting. Kentucky high school basketball may not be what it once was, but it still is a very big deal here.

  • Marquis Teague: Marquis Teague is biding his time - Chicago Tribune

    "You have to be patient," Teague said. "I'm 19. I'm trying to grow as player and wait for my turn. Playing a lot of minutes in college and not getting to play as much is something I never experienced. But you have to fight through it."
    Perfect attitude.
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