GOG 2012-13 #13: SEC Week 3.

Another week of conference play starts off with a couple of tough road games for both squads,

Tentative Upcoming GOG schedule:

GOG #14: @Ole Miss/@Texas A&M (men),Georgia (women)

GOG #15: South Carolina, Auburn, @Arkansas, @Vandy (women)

Read the Preseason GOG for information about the GOG and a collection of useful links.

GOG 12 has been scored. Sorry it took so late, for some reason I thought I had scored it already.

GOG 2012-13 #13

Answers due before tip-off against Alabama.


  1. Who wins the UK-Alabama game? [+/- 1 point] Alabama
  2. Is the final margin of the UK-Alabama game less than or equal to 5 points? [+/- 1 point] Yes
  3. Who does Glenn award the game ball to against Alabama ("No one" is a possible answer)? [3 points] No One
  4. Who does Glenn award the game ball to against LSU? [3 points] Poythress
  5. Which Wildcat leads the team in scoring against LSU? [3 points; 1 point if second] Poythress, Goodwin 2nd
  6. How many combined (both teams) missed shots (field goals only) are there in the UK-Alabama game? [4/3/2/1 points] 70
  7. Does UK shoot better than 48% from the field against Alabama? [+/- 1 point] No
  8. Who misses the first shot for LSU? [4 points] O'Bryant III
  9. Who misses the first free throw for LSU? [4 points] Hickey


  1. Who wins the UK-fake USC game? [+/- 1 point] USC
  2. Which Cat is the first to score against fake USC? [4 points; 2 points if second] Stallworth, O'Neill 2nd
  3. Which Cat is the last to score against LSU? [3 points] Evans was both the last to score and the last player to score her first points
  4. How many combined turnovers does UK force against fake USC and LSU? [4/3/2/1 points] 33
  5. Does UK score 80 or more points against either team? [+/- 1 point] No
  6. How many different players does Bria Goss assist on a made basket? [3 points, 1 point within two] 4
  7. Are Kentucky and Tennessee both still undefeated after Sunday Jan. 27? [+/- 1 point] No


Predict the combined points scored by LSU against Kentucky this weekend (both teams). The closest answer will get 3 points and everyone within 10 points of the correct total will get 1 point. 130 combined points

Help the GOG!

I'm interested in getting some feedback about GOG questions. Specifically: which question types do you like or dislike, which ones are easy/hard. Are there any questions or question types that you would like to see asked?

1 Ken Howlett 12 5 88 7 0.345
2 Wild Weasel 8 12 196 2 0.304 3
3 kcgard2 6 10 181 4 0.345 1
4 hoboat33 5 1 5 10 0.122
5 ukcris 4 12 206 1 0.320 2
6 a2d2 3 13 181 4 0.259 5
6 sweasyf 3 11 113 6 0.200 6
8 Greg Alan Edwards 1 1 1 11 0.024
9 ukkrazyintn -1 1 -1 12 -0.024
10 kydamcat -5 13 190 3 0.272 4

2 52 8 0.426

big-cuz fan
1 21 9 0.288
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