GOG 2012-13 #10: Eastern Michigan/Florida

Tentative Upcoming GOG schedule:

GOG #11: Vandy/Texas A&M (men), Texas A&M/Missouri (women)

Read the Preseason GOG for information about the GOG and a collection of useful links.

GOG #09 is scored. Congrats to a2d2 on the win!

GOG 2012-13 #10

Answers due by tip-off against Eastern Michigan Wednesday


  1. How many Points in the Paint does UK score? [4/3/2/1 points] 40
  2. How many 2nd Chance Points does Eastern Michigan score? [4/3/2/1 points] 4
  3. Who leads UK in scoring? [3 points; 1 point for second] Wiltjer, Poythress was 2nd
  4. Big game for Alex Poythress? Predict his 1st Half Points/2nd Half Points/Offensive Rebounds. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 7/9/2
  5. Can Julius Mays get going? Predict his Made 3's/3-pt FGA/Assists. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 3/7/4
  6. How many players (both teams) see playing time in the 1st half? [4 points; 2 points within three] 19
  7. How many players (both teams) score 10+ points? [4 points; 2 points within two] 6
  8. What is the most made Free Throws in a row for UK? [3 points; 1 point within one] 6
  9. Who leads the Cats in steals: Nerlens Noel [3 points]; Ryan Harrow [4 points]; Someone Else [2 points]. Harrow with 4


  1. Who wins the game? [+/- 1 point] UK
  2. How many points does UK score? [4/3/2/1 points] 76
  3. How many points does Florida score? [4/3/2/1 points] 69
  4. Predict the points scored by A'dia Mathies/DeNesha Stallworth/Bria Goss. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 20/17/10
  5. How many turnovers do the Cats force? [4 points; 2 points within four] 19
  6. In which category does Samarie Walker accrue the highest number: Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds, Made FG's, or Steals+Blocks. [3 points] Defensive Rebounds with 8
  7. At what minute mark does Florida have 10 points scored? For instance, if UF scores its 10th point at the 17:25 mark, then the answer would be the 17 minute mark. [3 points; 1 point within one minute] 13 minute mark (got to 10 points at 13:40)

Now that we have played 10 GOGs, the 40% of GOGs played requirement for being ranked by Average will be in effect.

1 Ken Howlett 27 3 67 7 0.385
2 a2d2 24 10 154 4 0.268 5
3 kydamcat 22 10 161 2 0.280 4
4 Wild Weasel 19 9 159 3 0.305 3
5 ukcris 18 9 174 1 0.334 2

2 52 8 0.426

8 91 6 0.206 6

big-cuz fan
1 21 9 0.288

8 154 4 0.349 1
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