An Open Letter To the Father of (names redacted due to NCAA regulations)

Since the 2008 NBA draft, counting only the top 5 selections over those 5 draft classes, guess how many of the 25 players selected were coached by John Calipari and how many by current Maryland coach Mark Turgeon (both at Maryland and his previous coaching stop at Texas A&M)...

7 - 0

That's 7 of the top 25 players...3 of whom were #1 overall selections, another at #2, #3, #4 and #5

D.Rose #1 2008

T.Evans #4 2009

J.Wall #1 2010

D.Cousins #5 2010

E.Kanter* #3 2011

A.Davis #1 2012

MKG #2 2012

(* Although Enes Kanter was not allowed to play for UK in games, he was permitted to practice and thereby allowed to be coached by can only assume that had Enes played in 2010-2011 how his draft stock would have been effected)

While during that same period, Mark Turgeon coached 0 (zero) players who were even drafted in the first round at any selection spot (the closest being DeAndre Jordan who was taken in the 2nd round #35 overall in the 2008 draft). In fact the last player Mark Turgeon has coached that was selected in the first round was Acie Law, taken #11 overall in the 2007 draft, and who is currently averaging under 6 points per game for Olympiakos in Greece (who, by last check, isn't in the NBA).

And considering that those numbers only reflect players selected in the top 5 of those 5 drafts, I am leaving out a bushel of UK/Memphis players selected later in the first round and into the second round.

There is a theme building here...Coach Calipari will prepare (names redacted) for the NBA, while Coach Turgeon (albeit a good coach) will simply be providing (sports apparel company with ties to Maryland) with a marketing tool; and said company will still be there for (names redacted) once they move on to the NBA. It is without a doubt that you want the best for (names redacted), as any father should...but in this case, it is clear that the best choice for their future lies with being coached by John Calipari.

My guess is that (name redacted) and (name redacted) are smart kids and have already come to that conclusion themselves. Hopefully, (names redacted) can convince you that it's the right fit. Hope to see you next year.

(writers note--sorry for all of the redacted nonsense--wouldn't want to get the NCAA's panties in a bunch)

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