SB Nation United: Getting to Perfect (as possible)

Some things we learned from Launch Day of the new SB Nation platform, and some things I need to do better.

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Latest Updates From The Tech Team [10/02/2012]

Here's the latest from the tech guys:

This morning we released several big changes:

1) Streamlined the mobile web layout to be easier to quickly scan. I encourage everyone to load it up and check it out. We'll continue to make tweaks, but this was a big step forward and these changes were based directly on community feedback we received. We removed a lot of clutter and put an emphasis on the stories in the river: bigger headlines, added blurbs and added timestamps. We also cleaned up the fonts on mobile to be easier to read.

2) More decreases to the size of mobile web pages in order to improve performance.

3) Turned off auto-updating comments on mobile by default so that it doesn't inadvertently drain mobile battery life.

4) Fixed the issue with not properly showing the number of new comments for logged in users on the homepage.

5) Fixed the issue with missing content in the iOS and Android apps.

6) Added the Recommend button to articles.

7) Several other fixes to link type FanShots, Video links, Login/Signup links in the footer, issues w/ Facebook shared links, headline fonts too big in the cover and more!

What we have up next:

- Fix the issue with Shift-A not always working to clear unread comments for logged in users
- More mobile improvements
- IE 8 visual tweaks
- Many small things


Latest Update From The Tech Team: 9/30/2012

Here's an update from Trei Brundrett, who is in charge of the tech team and the SB Nation platform:

Over the past couple days, including early this morning, we released some major changes to improve the load time on mobile. We cut down the size of the pages more than half their original size and we're still exploring more ways to decrease what we send down to mobile devices to make performance better. We're now seeing load times in the range of 8-15 seconds depending on the device. In addition to the size of the page we are going to work on streamlining the UI as well so that it's easier to scan the page and look for new stories and comments on mobile. The reports sent in to have been very helpful in this process for feedback and bugs and hints on which devices are particularly problematic. I strongly encourage folks to continue sending these in - we really appreciate it. We are taking this issue very seriously and will not rest on improving the mobile experience until we're satisfied that it's the very best it can be.

During the process to improve mobile, we also found some opportunities to improve the performance of pages on all devices, including desktop. We continue to work on IE 8. We've fixed bugs related to logging in and commenting in that browser, but we continue to resolve visual issues. And as always there are many other smaller fixes that we are continually deploying.

Please feel free to share all this with your community today, but we plan to make a larger post about the mobile changes once we've progressed even further.

Main takeaways:

  • IE 8 issues still unresolved, but in work;
  • Mobile performance improved;
  • Visual issues being worked and improving;
  • Keep reporting issues to

Update On Addressing Platform Issues

From our programmers:

- We tweaked the brightness/contrast on the green for rec'd comments and the yellow on new comments so that they would be easier to distinguish.
- We adjusted the size of the fonts and the line spacing
- We adjusted the padding on the comments

This should address feedback about size, whitespace and readability. We'll keep iterating on this and everything, but wanted to share this since we're hearing it A LOT.

Other things we are working on, but have not released fully yet:

- Improving load times
- Streamlining the mobile experience
- Improving the experience in IE 8
- Tightening up layout of articles so that comments are closer to content
- Overall individual site navigation issues
- Lots and lots of other bugs and tweaks

I'll keep you updated as we make progress in these areas.


IE8 Display Problems a Priority

Just received an update from the tech team, and a fix for the problems with display in IE8 are among their highest priorities.

For those of you experiencing an ugly site because you are forced to use IE 8 at work, you might want to try your smartphone. It gives a very nice rendition of the page. Comments and such will work fine, but the site will just not display as intended.

If you run across more problems, you can send them straight in using Try to be as specific as possible.


Lessons Learned From Launch Day

Some things we learned from Launch Day of the new SB Nation platform, and some things I need to do better.


Welcome to SB Nation United

SB Nation United is here...

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