Kentucky Basketball: Recruiting Rumors? Why Not?

Yeah, you're all wondering what I'm thinking. But just know this -- I'm thinking ...

There is word out of Florida that Central Florida Knights leading scorer Keith Clanton, a senior, is considering a transfer after UCF basketball was hit with penalties that include a post-season ban: From the Orlando Sentinel:

Kenny Gillion, who coached Keith Clanton in his high school days with the Team Breakdown travel team, said Thursday the UCF senior is considering all options.

Clanton is one of four UCF seniors who can transfer and play immediately for another school because the NCAA hit the men's basketball with a postseason ban earlier this week after it determined the Knights committed major recruiting infractions. Clanton must make a decision before the start of the fall semester, which gets under way at most colleges in a few weeks.

So why is this relevant to Kentucky? Consider this article by John Clay:

Greg Auman, Central Florida beat writer for the Tampa Bay Times, tweets that he’s hearing if Keith Clanton doesn’t return to UCF then Florida State and UK could be possible transfer destinations.

What does this mean? What does it ever mean? I suppose it's possible that Clanton could wind up at UK, and he could definitely help - 6'9", 245# is a load, and UK is a little under-beefed on the front line. I'm sure it won't take long to find out if Coach Cal actually has designs on Clanton or not, he's not known for waiting around.

Another recruiting issue that is simmering is the status of Andrew Wiggins' possible reclassification. I have opined that this is very unlikely, and I still firmly believe that, but one could be forgiven for wondering because of two things -- One is that Wiggins still hasn't ruled out the possibility that he might reclassify, and according to some reports, is being urged to do so:

Steve Jones of recently spoke to Huntington Prep head coach Rob Fulford and he thinks he [Wiggins] should reclassify to 2013.

The other is this comment recently about James Young, who has been said to heavily favor Kentucky, by his former coach.Young might wind up fighting for playing time at UK if Wiggins reclassifies:

Kentucky has long been considered the No. 1 option for Young, a 6-foot-6 shooting guard whose stock rose heavily during the spring and summer.

"He still loves them," Williamson said. "He’s just weighing all his options right now."

Kentucky coach John Calipari watched Young throughout the Nike Global Challenge — where he led Team USA Midwest to the title over Andrew Wiggins and Team Canada — and the Peach Jam.

This has me wondering if perhaps Young is waiting to see what Wiggins decides before making his move. Is this a rumor? No, it's just me trying to connect dots that may not even exist. Most likely, Wiggins will stay where he is and Young is just being... well, young, but what's life without a topic for conversation?

That's what bloggers are for, n'est ce pas?

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