Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Anthony Davis Fits Right In Edition

Morning Quickies

An article came out in the Los Angeles Times on Saturday about Anthony Davis' lack of visibility in the Olympic games playing for the Dream Team, and the fact that he is totally fine with that. I liked this:

"It can't get better than this. Not at all," Davis said. "These are all the superstars in the league. I'm having fun with it. I'm learning different things from every individual. They bring different things to the table."

Davis has made a great impression on his teammates, and they seem to universally appreciate the role he plays for them.

Tweet of the Morning:

In case you have been watching something other than the Olympics for the last few days, Oscar Pistorius is a double-amputee who was competing with able-bodied men in the regular Olympics. He is a multiple-gold medal winner in the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games, and qualified for the semifinals of the men's 400 meter run. He is an absolute inspiration to watch, and is perhaps the best story of this Olympiad.

Your quickies follow the jump.

John Wall Acting Debut – A Must See // Everything Kentucky Online

Sam gets it right. John, don't quit your day job, bro.

Chicks Dig the Football // 2012 UK Fan Day Photo Album Series

Here's a great adjunct to Alex's post-Fan Day article. She does a nice job, like A2D2 and Blue Sky Cat, of giving a female perspective on the largely male-dominated world of college football.

Great pictures of Fan Day. Be sure to check them out.

Tom Leach // Monday links

Young talent, occasional success is saving Joker // The State Journal

Phillips needs for this young talent to deliver. This year. Not necessarily a winning season, although that would be really great, but they have to deliver a reason for us to be excited about Kentucky football.

Nerlens Noel Receives Negative Comments from Draft Express // Everything Kentucky Online

Probably just a bad game, and some rust. But Noel needs a lot of work to be really great as a college player. The difference between him and everyone else is that he has the skill and ability to get from "so-so" to "Wow!" in less than a season.

Video: Phillips sees progress on second day of fall camp // Kentucky Wildcats

I do like the way Phillips is talking about the team this year. None of the hype we have seen in previous years, but you can tell that he is excited about this football team.

I've always been a fan of the "Speak softly, and carry a big stick" approach. I hope Phillips' stick is bigger than it was last year.

Florida lands a third 2013 commitment in forward Schuyler Rimmer // CollegeBasketballTalk

Billy Donovan continues to impress with his 2013 recruiting. Looks like Florida will b e a genuine challenge in 2013-14.

UK Fans Upset by Recent Draft Express Tweets

Ever wish Twitter didn't exist? I have. A lot. Then again, we'd have less things to mock, but it seems that Kentucky fans simply can't resist dropping trou on the microblogging service whenever somebody gores their ox a little.

I guess I'm guilty a little bit also, although I do it on here and not on Twitter -- too easy to mess up and become the butt of jokes. Which is exactly why others shouldn't do it on Twitter, either.

Player Pictures: Prince, Liggins, MKG //

Love to see our ex-players in photos.

Video: Highly-touted freshman quarterback Patrick Towles talks about coming to UK // vaughtsviews

A Harry Potter fan? That could bring on some abuse from his teammates.

Anthony Bennett will reportedly not travel with UNLV on trip to native Canada // CollegeBasketballTalk

I suspect that this is part of the reason why Bennett was not recruited harder by Calipari. I know, I know -- it's just possible that Coach Cal was out-recruited for him by Dave Rice.

Nah. :-)

Jim Calhoun undergoes successful surgery after bike fall Saturday // CollegeBasketballTalk

This has special and personal meaning to me as a road bike rider. Biking when you are older carries a special set of risks, and I really hope Calhoun recovers quickly from this and gets back to his life.

Collins Ukwu would like to help cook up a winning season at Kentucky // vaughtsviews

Did you know that Ukwu has finished one degree and is working on another? I didn't. Good for him.

Dawson enters Pro Football Hall of Fame

Former Bryan Station and University of Kentucky product Dermontti Dawson is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kentucky football happy to be crowded in backfield // The Courier-Journal

On the plus side, this is the deepest I can ever remember Kentucky being at skill positions. On the minus side, most of them have very few, if any, game snaps.

UK's Randy Sanders explains how the QB race will unfold in camp

I like having quarterback controversies, or competitions, or whatever you want to call them. It was just such a controversy that brought us André Woodson.

2012 College Football Win Totals // Kentucky

I do a Kentucky review for Saturday Edge. Their conclusion is a bit more pessimistic than mine, but right now, I think everybody who follows college football are skeptics of this team. They will have to win without believers, I'm afraid. // SIMON: Walter McCarty Plays On

Walter is releasing another album, which is cool. So is this:

"I still watch UK basketball, they are my team and always will be,” explains McCarty.

As it should be.

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