Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Sunday Mornng Quarterback Edition

Morning Quickies

Matt Hinton, founder of one of SB Nation's most famous and interesting football blogs, Sunday Morning Quarterback, is back in the saddle from Yahoo! where he spent the last few years. We are glad to have him back, so be sure to check out his most recent article.

Tweet of the Morning:

Seriously, Not Jerry Tipton could win this thing almost every morning.

Your quickies follow the jump.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Twitter 101: Special Louisville Edition

There are none so blind as those who will not see. Twitter is the bane of the modern world, but Drew Franklin calls out some Cardinal fans for taking douchebaggery to a new level.

Death threats, Card fans? Really?

The strange case of Dezmine Wells // ESPN

What happens when there is a rush to judgment? A prosecutor, who tries to put people in jail for a living, gets a "no true bill" from a grand jury and then criticizes the process by which Wells was expelled from Xavier.That is extraordinary, and although Wells cannot be exonerated by the legal system, this is just about as close as you can come.

This makes me feel much better about the young man. Nice work by Eammon Brennan. Hat tip: Troy Machir.

The complicated matter of Dez Wells and due diligence // John Clay's Sidelines

I think John's right here, and you should read the whole thing. But this paragraph made me laugh:

(Believe it or not, Louisville is apparently out of scholarships.) I say apparently because at this point, especially with Wells, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Sometimes understatement is the soul of humor.

Joker Phillips mum on who will be the No. 3 quarterback and/or the Wildcat QB // vaughtsviews

Am I the only one who doesn't care who the #3 quarterback is?

Hate Mail: Tar Heels fans stuck on 'everybody cheats' argument just don't get it //

Ah, yes, the most famous rationalization of all when it comes to college sports. Funny stuff. Anyone who writes hate mail to Doyel is a fool.

SEC Football 2012: The Every Game Preview //

Enjoy it if you can. I found it a bit forced, but it's probably just because they dissed UK at every possible turn. God, I'd love a few laughs at the nay-sayer's expense. Wonder if I'll get any?

Kentucky Sports Radio // Welcome to Louisville Hate Day 2012

It's the annual "Louisville Hate Day" at KSR. Here at A Sea of Blue, we will refrain from hate and settle for disdain.

Then again, "Louisville Disdain Day" just doesn't quite roll off the tongue, does it?

Louisville slams door on Kentucky in volleyball, 3-1 // The Courier-Journal


Heart of Cats’ O: Running backs // The Kentucky Kernel

If we can really run on the Cardinals Saturday, I like our chances.

Joker Phillips says he’s not worried about a little rain // John Clay's Sidelines

Well, if running the ball is really our strength, rain could be a good thing.

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