Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Anthony Davis Misses Olympic Cut Edition

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Yes, it's true, Anthony Davis missed the cut for the Olympic team, but will be an alternate:


Anthony Davis -- age 19 -- New Orleans Hornets: The 2012 NBA Draft's No. 1 pick sprained his ankle just before Team USA minicamp opened, putting his availability into question for the next few weeks. On Friday, Team USA chairman Jerry Colangelo questioned whether he had the "physicality" to compete at the moment. As the most promising young big man since Dwight Howard, Davis figures to be a Team USA regular for the next decade.

So there we go. Davis' physicality is definitely a valid question as of now, although he did a great job of faking it for Kentucky. It's hard to fake it with NBA professionals, though.

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Weems leaving Calipari, Kentucky for job with Bruiser Flint at Drexel // vaughtsviews

Congratulations, Brandon. Boy, Coach Cal's protégés really like to take his staff and former staff. No secret as to why. There is a lot of loyalty there.

Auburn’s Tony Barbee: delusional or prophetic? // CollegeBasketballTalk

Almost nobody, that is. Tony Barbee, the Rick Pitino disciple who took over at Auburn two years ago, has endured more than his fair share of hardship at the BCS level, but he’s still spittin’ fire about his team’s chances in the stacked SEC next season.

And all this time I thought Barbee, a former player at UMass, was a Coach Cal disciple. Who knew it was really Rick Pitino all along?

2012 Summer Football Opponent Previews: Kentucky // For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Well, the analysis is going to look like this, pre-season, for just about every Kentucky opponent in the SEC.

Bobcats Sign 2nd Overall Pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist //

Congrats to MKG and his family.

Nerlens Noel Moving to Lexington in August

He'll be a little behind the rest of the guys by then.

Kentucky Sports Radio // A Better UK Billboard in Downtown Louisvile

Works for me!

Mark Story: UK football must find success against 'Benchmark Four' // Mark Story |

This article makes quite a bit of sense. It will really be something if Kentucky manages to win more than six games next year.

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