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This is a short "update" version of the Linkapalooza. Of course the big story around sports is still the sanctions handed down by the NCAA on Penn St., and Jason Kirk of SB Nation has a look at what those debilitating penalties might mean, for those of you following this story. Obviously, nobody really knows how all this will pan out, but Kirk takes a stab.

Tweet of the afternoon:

I don't think Bob Gilbert thinks much of the idea. He has quite a bit of company.

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Mike DeCourcy has a report on 2014 recruit Aaron Gordon, brother of former UCLA and now New Mexico player Drew Gordon. Gordon is being recruited by Kentucky, among many others, and has an idea of how he wants his recruitment to go:

"I’m going to take a few more visits, take all five of my officials. I’m going to watch a lot of NCAA basketball and make my decision in the spring," Aaron Gordon told Sporting News. "So many things change. If I were to commit now, so many things could change by the time I go to college. I just want to have the shortest time span from the time I make my decision and when I actually touch down in college."

I daresay if he watches UK, I like our chances, although he's a west-coast guy and most expect him to stay out there. But he has had some nice things to say about Coach Cal...

Mark Gottfreid is trying to get his recruiting level up at N.C. State, but he is running into some difficulty:

"North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and to a degree UCLA, they operate by a different set of recruiting rules," ESPN recruiting analyst Dave Telep told the newspaper. "They are seen differently and that’s not a fight you can win until you start hanging the kind of banners they have hung and the quantity of them."

Heh. Wrong order, Dave. I think Kentucky comes first in virtually any recruiting scenario you care to mention, and even North Carolina, Duke and Kansas Jayhawks are a significant cut below UK in that area. Other than this year, UCLA isn't even close.

Still, as Calipari mentioned, resting on your laurels will get that order changed.

Kentucky-Louisville is the #1 inter-conference game next year, according to Mike Huguenin of Y! Sports:

1. Kentucky at Louisville, Dec. 29

Buzz: As if the in-state bragging rights weren't enough, this one could be for No. 1 in the polls. Truthfully, the polls don't mean anything. But those in-state bragging rights? They're the gift that keeps annoying your neighbor for 364 days. The sniping from the coaches in the week before the game will make this even more fun.

Actually, Kentucky has 3 games in Huguenin's top ten, tied with one more than North Carolina. Duke and Notre Dame are the other two.

The Georgetown Hoyas' mascot, Jack the Bulldog, had ACL surgery and is recovering well.

I'm happy for Jack, and the Hoyas.

We had an article about the execrable Bob Knight earlier today, and now ESPN's Eamonn Brennan has one that's more flattering, although it's hard for me to imagine he deserves it.

In the meantime, Indiana fans eager to see Knight back in Assembly Hall, red sweater and all, have looked on in horror -- and by "horror" I mean "at least marginal annoyance" -- as Knight has strengthened his ties with a less well-known portion of his basketball past: His time at Ohio State.

The latest development? This weekend, OSU announced it had created a "lifetime achievement" category for OSU alums that go on to great achievement in their post-Columbus careers. Its first honoree? None other than Knight.

Ack. Did these Ohio St. people miss the last 15 years or something?

You're an SEC coach. You're hanging around your office, minding your own business, and an email from the SEC Conference office hits your inbox:

"I got an email from the SEC office, and my four [home-and-home] opponents ... were changed," once SEC coach told "There was no discussion or phone call. I just got an email of our league schedule, and the league schedule wasn't the league schedule they told me I'd have last month. It's crazy."


And if you're wondering why this is a big deal, it's because SEC coaches had already scheduled their non-league games based on whether they believed they had relatively easy or relatively hard league schedules assigned to them. Now everything is a mess. And though every coach who spoke to said they'd deal with it if only because they have no choice, they made it clear they were bothered by the surprise email from the SEC office that came during this July evaluation period for recruiting.

Maybe they're taking a cue from Mark Emmert and the NCAA, and making it up as they go.

In case you missed it yesterday, Ben Roberts of NextCats has a complete update on the 2013 recruiting class that you'll want to read if you haven't.

Plus, be sure to browse all the stories on NextCats and get up to date on recruiting.

I don't find many Pat Forde must-reads, but this is definitely one, if only for this one paragraph:

There was a time when Big Ten fans chafed by the SEC's relentless winning in football at least had image to fall back on when comparing the two conferences. Not anymore. Now the last recourse is complaining about SEC schools overbooking scholarships.

Ouch! Believe it or not, the SEC comes out looking cleaner than most. Who would have ever thought that three years ago. He rightly mentions that Cam Newton's escape was a tad lucky for the SEC.

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