Mocking the Inevitable John Calipari Hate

C'mon, how can you hate a face like that?

Yeah, you knew it would happen. As soon as the word "vacate" got mentioned on TV this morning when NCAA president Mark Emmert dropped the hammer on Penn St., Twitter began to light up with lots of amateur humorists taking shots at Coach Cal.

There really isn't anything groundbreaking here, it's just remarkable how predictable it is that the Calipari column of my Twitter feed lights up whenever somebody, anybody, goes on TV or radio and says the word "vacate" or "vacated" in connection with NCAA wins. I get much more amusement from it than anything else, and I'm going to miss it when it inevitably goes away, much like the pejorative articles from the press have begun to fade now that Calipari is in his third year and has a national championship and zero NCAA violations.

I actually think the evolution of Coach Cal as an object of derision is interesting. The first year he was here, the Big Blue Nation was constantly defending against stuff flying from everywhere -- Internet articles, mainstream media, blogs, social media, you name it. It didn't die down much until after the Final Four of 2011, and then after this year's NCAA Tournament title, the nastiness has mostly reverted to Twitter only. I'm sure it will be the last to die, but even it is getting thinner and thinner until the word "vacate" pops up in the news.

Let's make fun of a few Twidiots, shall we? Follow me past the jump.

The record-keeper.

The self-righteous.

The mind-reader.

The "I only believe what I read on the Internet" guy.

The "Whodathunkit" guy.

The Cardinal fan.

The "I can capitalize Irish but not Italian names" guy.

The bigot.

The one Vandy sympathizer on Twitter.

The "Let me show you how Mark Emmert would tweet if he could" guy.

The "A sense of humor is all I lack" guy.

The comedian. This guy got tweeted about 500 times, and has the distinction of making the only funny tweet of the bunch.

The guy that tweets like his namesake -- incomprehensibly.

The "Take me seriously, I use exclamation! points!" guy.

The "Trying to be clever and failing is so much cooler than succeeding" guy.

The "They're all EEEEEvilll" guy.

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