In Cal We Trust?

I never cease to be amazed at you Big Blue Nation. Just when I think you have the world by the tail and your lives are right where you want them, you go and start looking like the psychotic fanatics everyone claims you are. And yes, I am one of you, but I am going to separate myself from this one, because frankly, I think you are off your rockers this time.

Coach Cal put up an article over at his website about what we can come to expect concerning the Cats' scheduling for a while. A2D2 has an article about it on the front page. Facebook has complaint after complaint from so-called members of the BBN concerning the loss of UK-IU, and possibly UK-UNC from our annual schedule. We have people who are now referring to him in less than favorable terms. On Dick Gabriel's page the following thread can be seen:

Mark Buerger: Ridiculous. about an hour ago · Like.

Dave Redden: Just play home and away and get it sorted! about an hour ago · Like.

Andy Seibert: Seems to me like he's trying to soften the blow over something else on the schedule (or not on the schedule) that he knows everybody is going to complain about. about an hour ago · Like.

Larry Gevedon :Total BS about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1.

Scott Balling: Agree w/ previous comments. He's got his feather in his cap now and he thinks he can dictate the schedule on a yearly basis based on the talent coming in/going out. The cart is creeping up on the horse at this point. about an hour ago · Like.

Amanda Main Ferguson: King C*lip*ri thinks he can do no wrong in the eyes of the BBN. So far, he's been right. 57 minutes ago · Like.

Chris Herren: We need him to do our football schedule 44 minutes ago via mobile · Like

I particularly liked the one who suggested that Cal do the football schedule. Are you nuts??

So, did we not just win our 8th NC with a handful of seasoned kids and a group of amazingly talented freshmen? Are we not once again the prominent college program in the land? Did we not just lock both our men's and women's head coaches and staffs for the forseeable future with contract extensions that were both pertinent and reasonable? Is Kentucky not once again the first word out of anyone's mouth who knows anything about college basketball? So what is the problem folks? Why all the hand-wringing and anti-Cal commentary concerning something as mundane as the schedule? Why mundane, you ask? Well the SEC is taking part of the freedom out of the schedule with the new expanded conference size, for one. For another, we are now in a position to dictate terms to other schools once again when it comes to who we play and where. And Calipari has not said there was one team on the planet we will not play, just that he wants more neutral site locations for some of the big rivalry games. Wake up folks! Cal told us that when he arrived in Lexington. He couldn't get a lot of change at first, but this is the perfect opportunity to get the schedule to do what he wants it to do.

Scheduling just shouldn't be that big a deal to folks. Worried about the RPI? Don't be. Our RPI will be fine. We play quality teams week in and week out. Thinking that we won't be ready for tough tournament play? Look, Calipari knows exactly what it will take to get these kids tournament ready. That is one of the reasons he likes neutral sites. They give him an opportunity to see how they respond in a tournament-like atmosphere. Big time single games in big time neutral environments. Thinking your quality of product is going to be diluted? Please. We will be as close as you can be to being the best there is at the moment the kids meet Calipari's expectations.

C'mon folks. You want to worry about something, look at the football schedule. If any schedule makes a member of the BBN nervous, it should be football.

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