Kentucky Wildcats News: Morning quickies


I'm going to attempt to start a new feature here at A Sea of Blue, at least for the summer, and post just a few links every morning in the style of the Linkapalooza, mostly just the most interesting stuff I can find that is not "hot" news requiring more of a front-page treatment. I intend to do it every day, but my schedule will probably interfere from time to time, so don't be upset if I miss a day or two here and there.

Anyway, the general format will be the similar. There will be a brief introduction with all the links after the jump. Enjoy.

Also, feel free to add your own news items in the comments.

UGA softball tops Kentucky to reach SEC semis // Online Athens

Ugh. No, UGA. Oh, well ...

National Basketball Players Association needs player perks for age limit to go up - ESPN

Calipari doesn't like going back to 18, however.

"You would be encouraging ninth-graders to think about the draft instead of worrying about academics," Calipari said. "I can't understand going back. You can't have the baseball model since we don't have minor league basketball. And the D-League is a man's league."

I guess Coach Cal's position on this has "evolved." Well, that's fine by me. I agree with him, in fact, I have never been sanguine about 18-year olds being drafted.

I don't know whether to be optimistic or not. Nah, better to expect the worst. That seems much more likely.

No Indiana-Kentucky game next season? It's a question of philosophy // Yahoo! Sports

It's the amazing Pat Forde show! Watch in amazement as he performs rhetorical contortions never before seen to fawn over Tom Crean and dis John Calipari!

A more puffier puff piece I have never seen. Maybe he's auditioning for Crean's publicist.

News : Gow Broadcasting & Yahoo! Sports team for Dan Wetzel/Pat Forde show //

Oh, hooray! More Pat Forde, I know you'll all be pleased to hear this news.

Ouch. Bumped my head on that sarcasm.

Pete Thamel talks to Scott van Pelt of ESPN.

Worth listening to. Thamel sounds like a cartoon character, but it's mercifully short and there is some interesting information there. No, nobody challenges him, just easy but relevant questions.

UNC-Chapel Hill might take action against Julius Nyang’oro // & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

Football players and basketball players accounted for 39 percent of the 686 enrollments in the 54 suspect classes. Football players alone accounted for 36 percent of the enrollments. Non-student athletes accounted for 42 percent of the enrollments; the rest are student athletes in non-revenue-producing sports.

But university officials say student athletes and non-student athletes were treated equally when it came to the no-show classes and unauthorized grade changes. Figures released Thursday show four non-student athletes received them along with three football players and three other student athletes who are not in revenue-generating sports.

Oh, I get it. Academic fraud is fine as long as regular students benefit as well. Who knew?

The Volokh Conspiracy // Maker’s Mark’s Mark Prevails

Yes! South of the border copyright infringement -- rejected!

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