Reds Fans Upset UK to be Honored at Tonight's Game

Last night, Cincinnati's local ESPN call in show was full of Cincinnati vitriol against honoring UK's Basketball Championship team. Callers callin' in and heaping some hate on Kentucky. Blog sites are full of love, too.

An Intro:

Now, I live up here and have seen it. It's somewhat underground, because UK hasn't played UC in years. I'll bring UK Basketball up in a friendly way or somebody will see my UK stuff and just go off on the team and sometimes, the state of Kentucky. Some, I didn't even know -- just making casual conversation. Of course the vast majority are friendly. But, enjoy the hate of the Cincinnati nuts, we got eight and our state is great!

Some of the wonderful people in Cincinnati:

(h/t to Lance McAllister)

""Some quotes from the Reds Facebook page regarding Tuesday's UK Basketball NCAA Championship celebration at the GABP :
"Keep that fecal matter on that side of the river."
"HOw in the world are Buckeyes fans going to allow this??NOT IN OHIO!!"
"Boooooooooo! Hello most people hate UK and their crooked program."
"Sure wish there was a dislike button. Can't stand UK."
"I wish I could be there so I could boo in person."
"Stay in kentucky where you belong"
"It will be funny to see 98% of reds fans boooo them."
"You just lost a lot of reds fan when you team up with those cheaters from Kentucky... Smh.... How about the reds show the local schools some love like the bearcats or Xavier? C'mon Man"
"Makes me like the Reds a little less."
"Thanks for the heads up, I was considering going to that game, now I know to stay home."
"Great so the Reds are hosting the SUcKCats, kind of acknowledgement of the start of their own season."
"Well... I was going to the game. forget it now"
"Whooopty- doo. I can't wait until they have their championship vacated by the NCAA."
"I hate this! I live in ky and I believe the should stay in that city down south!"
"Makes no sense! If Ohio State or UC had won, would any other sporting event in Ky had celebrated... NO! Let Ky celebrate this! Keep it in Ky! Cincinnati is in Ohio not Ky."
"The only reason to go to the game is the Reds not some two bit team from Kentucky they may have the NCAA but well see how long it lasts. Calipari was in UMASS and Memphis and left before the heat got to him coincidence I think not"
"Wish I could be there to join in the boo's"
"Well never going to great American ball park ever agin"
"I just puked in my mouth."
"I'll be sure and stay home and keep my television off. GO HOOSIERS!"
"Kentucky the best team money can buy"
"How much did the wildcats players get paid while in school"
"Well I liked the reds but if they are stooping that low...well Go Yankees!"
"Note to self; listen to game on radio that day."
"UK one and doners shouldn't be honored. They will never be in KY again after the draft. Honor true college athletes like OSU and U of L!!"
"That's one game I refuse to go to!"
"frankly, I have to say this is not a good marketing move....don't hate the Wildcats, they had a talented team this year...I'm a Muskie and proud of it. just don't understand the marketing strategy here...."
"Now I know I for sure I wont go to the game"
"UK's players probably have a higher payroll than the Reds..."
"Love my Reds but will be glad not to be a Great American Ballpark. I'm from Kentucky and refuse to support anything involving Calipari"
"F@#k U.K. !!!!!!!!"
"How about you recognize UC instead. Or OSU. Or anyone except UK.""

Note to the nuts: There are more Reds affiliates in Kentucky, than Ohio

What those morons don't know is the Reds are much of Kentucky's team too.

I give the Reds credit for doing this.

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