Who's Cheating Who?

The season is over. The Off-Season begins. The world moves on. As the reports of John Calipari's vindication are spread throughout the galaxy, other reports begin to surface which start putting more light on the darker "gray areas". And even as the media has begun to report that the newest Aerosmith CD, when played backwards, makes a distinct sound of "Robert Montgomery Knight is the devil", it seems that the real cheaters are starting to come to light.

Anyone who knows me, knows I stand for one thing above all else in college athletics. Transparency. It is the trademark of John Calipari. When combined with honesty (which you cannot avoid if you are being transparent) it leads to all good things. The critics, while no less loud, have nothing to criticize unless you are losing. The fans can celebrate openly and scoff at those who "just don't get it", and your players and staff can revel in their newfound place in the world, because they simply trusted you and followed your guidance. So what happened to everyone else?

Well, let's just do a quick run through and see what happened as soon as the last buzzer sounded in the Big Easy.

First off, (and this one goes back a ways)UCONN isn't going to be dancing next season. Not a surprise to anyone who has been following their plight closely, but nonetheless, completely avoidable. And for all of you who claimed the UK guys didn't go to class (I am talking to you, Robert Montgomery Knight), this is what happens when your guys don't go to class. This did not happen to Kentucky.

So far, UK expects three to four, with an outside shot a 5 of their young talented players to go in the first round of the NBA draft. They all came to UK with visions of this happening. Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Marquis Teague are the freshmen that will probably be headed to the NBA, along with Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones, and possibly Darius Miller, NONE OF WHOM ARE FRESHMEN. So, even though this does not fall under the "cheating" category, it is nonetheless another "mythbusted". However, those of you who consider schools like Duke, UNC, and some others as bastions of basketball morality and ethics who would not dare to wallow in the shallow muck and mire of "One and Dones", consider this:
Harrison Barnes, UNC Soph.- Gone Fab Melo, Syracuse Soph. and eligibility problem- Gone Austin Rivers, Duke Freshman and attitude extraordinaire- Gone Kendall Marshall, UNC Soph.- Gone John Henson, UNC Freshman-Gone Tony Wroten, Jr. Washington freshman and veteran Tweeter- gone

The list is a lot longer than this, and you can view it all here. So while UK may have been more successful, the rest of the world of College Basketball is following right along. They simply wish they were better at what they are doing.

Then we can add in the curious case of the Baylor Bears and their incessant telephone habits. Has UK ever gone off the deep end and forgot to keep track of the phone messages? No. How can you not keep any closer track of that? While I personally believe that the rule is ignorant on it's face for just the sheer lunacy of having to keep track of every text message, it is still a rule, nonetheless.

The funny truth of it all is that other schools got nailed for doing all the things that they claimed that Kentucky was doing, but yet, as it turns out, Kentucky was not. All Kentucky did was win it all with the greatest collection of talent from top to bottom that has been seen in College Basketball in decades. Hyperbole? Maybe. UNC was perhaps as talented, but not more.

So, will the criticism stop? No. Will the whiners quiet down? Not on your life. But what they will not be able to change is the facts, and the facts say, we won, and we did it right, and the critics get to chew on that for a long time. So, who's cheating who? I think you need to send those questions up north, or maybe out west. Seems some of those folks have some s'plainin' to do!

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