Thursday UK Notes: SEC Tourney, Taking Care Of Unfinished Business, And The Effects Of Withdrawal

So, it's Thursday. Day 1 SEC Men's Tournament. #8 LSU and #9 Arkansas kick off things at 1PM. The winner to face our beloved Wildcats tomorrow at 1PM. Should UK win When UK wins each game progressively, they will play at 1PM each day.

Bama and S. Carolina finish the early set today and Ole Miss and Auburn start the evening bracket at 7:30 followed by Mississippi State and Georgia.

More tournament notes and other interesting tidbits after the jump.

Tennessee is the "feel good" story of the tournament, even as we members of the Big Blue Nation are reveling in our sweep of the SEC Awards, and our dominance over the rest of the league by going undefeated through the regular season, thus validating my title for the season ending review and resulting best selling video, "2 Points From Perfection, The Story of The 2012 NCAA Champion Kentucky Wildcats" (I have applied for a copyright), they have made amazing progess under first year Head Coach Cuonzo Martin. His timely snagging of Jarnell Stokes aside, Tennessee is playing like a team, and the addition of Stokes, while not creating the perfect fix for them, is definitely making them much stronger on the inside and harder to deal with. With the exception of Vanderbilt, they definitely have a good shot at making it to Sunday's Championship game, and that would be the only place we could meet them again. Here's to hoping that we do. I am picking LSU to take care of business against Arkansas in a tight game, which would match Anthony Davis back up against LSU's Malcolm White and reliving his pseudo-assault at the hands of the same. I do not expect a repeat of that incident, as White has pointed out to the media that it was very "out of character" for him, and I tend to believe him. I guarantee you his coach will be watching for the signs of any such problems and will not hesitate to bench him should the need arise.

There is no "need" for UK to win this tournament, unless you count confidence building a "need", which I do. First off, we do not need any seeds of doubt creeping in right now, and I really don't want to hear any pundits telling me about the "need" for UK to lose a game. And short of having Jim Nantz sent for a psych evaluation for claiming that Indiana would beat UK in a NCAA Tournament game, I think that even the pressure of the press hounding the Cats about going undefeated the rest of the way is better than having to build them back up from a loss to the current level of comperition in rounds 1 or 2 of the SEC Tournament. Winning out does UK much more good than harm, so let the Big Dog eat.

The SEC Tourney aside, The Cats are on a roll, and that roll needs to continue for another 9 games or so. When the Cats win out the season, they will end with the most wins in the history of the NCAA for a single season, and again, validating the above mentioned title. Thus beginning the never ending battle between UK and Indiana about who was the greatest team ever.I leave all of those arguments to you to prepare for.

Louisville beat Seton Hall last night to advance in the Big East Tourney, prompting some UL fans to be "thankful and happy about the win, but concerned about their team" enough that they were voicing their opinions over on Card Chronicle last night, after which they were promptly chastised and berated for their lack of confidence in their team and their coach. I cannot say with all certainty that someone making that assessment would not be treated thusly by members of the Big Blue Nation for that action as well, but I can say that the commentary would be decidedly more mature and less hateful here. My thanks to Glenn and everyone else here for keeping that trash where it belongs, elsewhere. I like the fact that my wife and kids can come on here and read my work, especially now that we are covering the UKHOOPS squad more. I would not feel as secure over there at CC or on some of the other blogs. They have great content, and they put out quality work, but their level of "maturity" leaves something to be desired.

And finally, it is said that you really do not have an appreciation for what you have until it is taken away. And as much as I refuse to claim that I am leading some sad and reality-denying type of lifestyle by spending more time on this blog than some might deem "healthy", I am now breathing a sigh of relief that our site is now back and fully functional. Understanding Glenn's explanation that sometimes things just happen in the normal course of human events when it comes to operating an endeavor this large, I would be willing to do anything I need to on my computer to prevent that nasty incident (and the three ensuing miserable days that followed) from ever happening again. I don't mind going elsewhwere for my information and content, but other places are much less reliable and so much harder to figure out. A vote of thanks to Glenn and SBNation for getting us back on track, and please post a photo of who was to blame for the incident and we will begin the dart throwing contest post-haste.

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