GOG 2011-12 #18: SEC Week 9

It's a set of Senior Day games for the Cats this week. First up they will honor Darius Miller and Eloy Vargas in Rupp Arena against Georgia - the last team to beat the Cats at home on a Senior Day 4 years ago. On Sunday they will play at Florida in the final day of the regular season with a chance to go 16-0 in conference play - a feat last achieved by the 2003 Suffocats who also finished perfect by winning at Florida on the last day of the season.

Remaining GOG Schedule

  • GOG #19: SEC Tournament
  • GOG #20: NCAA Tournament

GOG introduction and rules here.

GOG #17 has been scored. Congratulations to a2d2 and wildcatfaninexile for the win!

Match-up and player information for Georgia and Florida.

Note on Question 7: I presume Miller and Vargas will both start, but if they don't then question 5 will not count towards the total points.

Entries are due by 9:00 PM Thursday, March 1.

GOG 2011-12 #18: Georgia and Florida [max 63 points]

  1. Does UK finish SEC play 16-0? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] yes
  2. How many points does UK score against Georgia? [4/3/2/1 points] 79
  3. How many points does UK score against Florida? [4/3/2/1 points] 74
  4. How many combined missed field goals do Georgia and Florida have? [4/3/2/1 points] 71
  5. Do Darius Miller and Eloy Vargas start the Georgia game? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] yes
  6. Do Miller or Vargas set any career game highs in the Georgia game (click the links to see their current career highs)? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] yes (Miller 3pt FGA)
  7. IF Miller and Vargas start, who do they replace in the starting lineup? This question will only count if Miller and/or Vargas start. [3 points each, 6 points total] Jones and Lamb
  8. Miller has been epic in crunch time: how many points does he score in the last 10 minutes of the game? [3 points] 5 points
  9. How many Georgia players (who play in the game) does Eloy Vargas personally out-rebound? [3 points] 10 (thanks to bench clearing at end of game)
  10. How many Georgia players (who play in the game) does Darius Miller personally out-score? [3 points] 13 (same reason)
  11. Predict Vargas' Rebounds/Blocks/FG Attempts against Georgia. [2 points each, 6 points total] 5/0/6
  12. Predict Millers' Points/Made 3s/Assists against Georgia. [2 points each, 6 points total] 17/5/3
  13. How many different Wildcat players does Miller assist on a made basket in the two games combined? [3 points] 2
  14. Who has the highest 3pt FG% in these two games: Miller or Doron Lamb? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Miller by just a smidge
  15. Which group grabs more rebounds in the these two games: Group 1: Anthony Davis, Miller, Vargas, Lamb or Group 2: Terrence Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Marquis Teague, Kyle Wiltjer? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] Group 2
  16. Florida shot 22.2% on 3's against Kentucky in their first matchup. They are currently shooting 39.2% for the season. Does their 3pt% in the game end up closer to 22.2% or 39.2%? [+1 if correct, -1 if incorrect] amazingly, closer to 22.2
  17. It'll be Senior Day for Erving Walker - the only senior on Florida's roster. Predict his Made 3pt FG/Missed 3pt FG/assists. [2 points each, 6 points total] 2/5/5
  18. List in order the top 6 rebounders for UK against Florida. [1 point each, 6 points total] Davis, MKG, Jones, Teague/Wiltjer tie for 4/5, Lamb/Miller tie for 6
  19. There is still a lot of movement possible in the SEC Standings. Which teams finish 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the standings? [1 point each, 3 points total] Tennessee, Vandy, Florida
  20. Special Bonus: There are some big games on tap for Saturday and Sunday. Pick the winners of Duke/UNC, Louisville/Syracuse, Georgetown/Marquette, Baylor/Iowa St., Ohio St/Michigan St, and Purdue/Indiana. The person with the most correct picks will earn points equal to the number they get correct. btcoop won this by picking 5 of the games correctly
1 btcoop71 22 17 200 2 0.243 3
2 a2d2 20 18 227 1 0.261 1
2 wildcatfaninexile 20 14 122 8 0.189 9
4 GoLightning 19 16 196 3 0.249 2
5 kcgard2 18 16 177 5 0.236 4
6 floundringaround 17 17 168 6 0.209 7
7 ukcris 16 16 179 4 0.233 5
8 Wild Weasel 12 18 159 7 0.182 11
9 jc25 7 10 100 10 0.213 6

1 10 17 0.167

1 17 14 0.283

11 88 11 0.169 12

big-cuz fan
1 9 19 0.200

13 112 9 0.19 10

1 10 17 0.21

Ken Howlett
9 83 12 0.195 8

1 12 16 0.26

5 53 13 0.26

Anything but Gatorade
1 15 15 0.32
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