Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Wildcats Getting Love Edition


The Kentucky Wildcats continue to get praise from around the Internet for their toughness and defensive prowess. Even as I lamented their lack of focus early in their last two games, I think we have all come to the conclusion, which has yet to be disproven or even seriously challenged, that When Kentucky brings their "A" game, they opponent is very unlikely to prevail.

Now for your links:

Kevin Grevey Says John Calipari Nation’s Most Underrated Coach // Rick Bozich

Grevey is in his 30th year of operating Grevey’s, a popular restaurant and bar in Merrifield, Va., a place where UK fans who live in metropolitan Washington, D.C., gather to watch the Wildcats on TV.

Grevey is often there watching the game with them — and said he does not believe UK coach John Calipari has received enough credit for the way he has developed this group as a cohesive unit.

Calipari Hits Recruiting Trail After Win Over Bulldogs

John Clay: Willingness to play together serves Kentucky in clutch //

The Cats won anyway, in no small part by remembering who they are — an unselfish defensive-minded team that collaborates on both ends of the floor, gets down to business and gets the job done.

This is apt. This year's 'Cats, when they are focused, are simply indomitable. They start forcing empty possessions and then get good open looks, which eventually will go in.

Breaking down the enemy: Kentucky Wildcats // Inside Vandy: Mens Basketball

The University of Kentucky’s Rupp Arena is currently the most difficult road environment in college basketball. With a capacity of 23,500 seats, the air space to provide fireworks and a loyal contingent of shrieking fans, Rupp has devoured opponents this season. In fact, since the hiring of head coach John Calipari, the Wildcats are undefeated at home. If Vanderbilt is going to change this, the Commodores will need to play their best basketball.

Rupp is probably not the "most difficult road environment" in all of college basketball, but it is certainly tough enough.

NCAA Basketball's Homestretch: What To Watch For Leading Up To Selection Sunday //

It seems like the phrase is re-hashed every year around this time, but this really is the weakest bubble I can remember. There are teams with one top-50 win and other with RPIs in the 90s that are still warranting serious consideration with less than three weeks before the bracket is set.

Mike's right about this. This year, the "bubble" is a mile wide and an inch deep.

Only Thing Better Than Kentucky Recruiting Rumors Are The Conspiracy Theories - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Heh. Sometimes, we just have to laugh at ourselves. I haven't even heard this conspiracy theory, but in all honesty, I don't get to follow Twitter much.

Kentucky Wildcats again show their 'will to win' in game against Mississippi State // The Courier-Journal

What Stansbury did not account for, however, is that these Cats have enough skill, will and weaponry to roar back on the road and win, by a 73-64 score in this case, even if they showed their "best" stuff in barely a quarter of the game. Turns out even in small doses their best is devastating.

Despite my complaints about this game, this is unquestionably true. When Kentucky brings out their "A" game, I have yet to see a team that could withstand it, even in short stretches. In sum, when these guys bend their wills to it, I'm now convinced that no team in college basketball can beat them.

In other words, the only team that can beat Kentucky is Kentucky.

Photo: John Wall can really jump // Walter's Wildcat World


.Hate Mail: Fun with Google and a gaggle of nit-wits - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball //

From: Matthew Driscoll

What the hell, you're still employed? Your columns make me puke my d--k off.

What the hell, you're still alive? And bragging about your lack of manhood? Google won't forget this, Matthew Driscoll. Remember that next time you think it makes sense to send me an email.

My God, you have to be in-freaking-sane to send Doyel hate mail. This is just one example of several that started my day off with belly laughs.

BBL: As Selection Sunday looms, more praise for Cats // John Clay's Sidelines

3-point shot: Self deserves praise // ESPN

I must admit, Self has done a terrific job with this Kansas team, and should be in consideration for COY.

Tom Leach's Thursday Links

FoxSports writer Thayer Evans calls Cats "classic Calipari team" that is "capable of costly lapses" | vaughtsviews

So just in case you were impressed by the Cats’ comeback, take it from Thayer. You should not be happy with the win. Then again, maybe he is a college football writer for a reason — he doesn’t understand the value of a dramatic comeback win on the road.

Go get 'em, Larry!

Kentucky, New Mexico among possible national champions // Luke Winn -

Great job, as usual, by Luke Winn. I agree with all of this.

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