UK Hoops: UK Vs. MTSU Blue Raiders, Preview and Game Thread-Exacting Some Revenge

Kentucky vs. Middle Tennessee State

Sun., Dec. 9 - 1:00 p.m. ET

Memorial Coliseum


2012-2013 May very well end up being known as The Year Of The Cat in women's college basketball. The loss to Baylor not withstanding, UK Hoops improves each and every time out on the floor. When this season's wins and losses are recorded, this one is going to be one to remember. It's time for some payback.

No, this is not a post-mortem. But it is this: I am guaranteeing a UK victory. Yes, guaranteeing. Coming off of that gut check performance against UL at the Yum! Center, UK decided to take out a little frustration against DePaul, and scorched them for a 30+ point win. Look for more of the same against the Blue Raiders. UK owes them one. Last year, MTSU threw a monkey wrench into UK's hopes for an undefeated Pre-SEC season. MTSU stung the Cats in a surprise victory last year, but it ultimately sent a wake up call in the Cats direction. That won't happen this time. UK is playing like Sherman driving through Georgia at home this season, and MTSU just happens to be the next victim. The Blue Raiders are going to play hard and fast, and will provide UK with a challenge, but this season, UK's size and firepower will prove to be way too much for Middle Tennessee.Middle Tennessee is 6-3 overall, 1-0 in Sun Belt Conference play and coming off a 63-48 win over Xavier. Sunday marks the 15th meeting between the schools,and is the fourth consecutive. The Cats lead the overall series 10-4, including a 6-1 record at home.

UK Coach Matthew Mitchell said. "When we have had success, our press has been able to be a factor in the game. So this is a tough turnaround for our team. We have to keep our feet on the ground here and come back with some great preparation and get ready to finish off a great weekend. If we can find some way to beat Middle Tennessee, this would be a great, great three-game stretch for us. I'm going to really encourage the players to come out with a great effort on Sunday."

Look for A'Dia Mathies to continue to try and get her groove back. After a lackluster performance against Louisville, she bounced back with a 17 pt. game against DePaul. Let me make this 100% clear. IF A'Dia MAthies does not get herself back in the swing of things and play at 100% of her potential this season, the Cats may have a good year, but it will ultimately end on a down turn. I think she has it in her to completely fortify this team against any opponent, even a superstar led Baylor squad, with a little bit of luck and some help. I look for her to continue pushing herself and getting things back on track.

These will be remembered as some rather heady days for the UK Hoops program when history is written and done, but only as the beginning for something much greater. To borrow a line from legendary Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman, "this one belongs to the Cats".

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