GOG 2012-13 #09: Louisville

It's The Game. The early season struggles will be completely forgiven if the Cats can make it 4-0 in the Yum Center.

Tentative Upcoming GOG schedule:

GOG #10: Eastern Michigan (men), Florida (women)

GOG #11: Vandy/Texas A&M (men), Texas A&M/Missouri (women)

Read the Preseason GOG for information about the GOG and a collection of useful links.

GOG #08 is scored. Congrats to kcgard2 on the win!

A couple of notes:

  • For Question 10 information on shot attempt distribution you should visit You can find the current averages for UK and UL there. Note that these are the percentage of attempts that come from the specified area of the floor and not the percentage of made shots.
  • For Questions 4 and 5 you can choose "no one" as an answer. Here is a quick reference for per game averages.

GOG 2012-13 #09

Answers due by tip-off Saturday

  1. Who wins the game? [+/- 1 point] UL
  2. How many points does UK score? [4/3/2/1 points] 77
  3. How many points does Louisville score? [4/3/2/1 points] 80
  4. Which UK player exceeds their scoring average the most? [4 points; 2 points if second] Harrow (Goodwin 2nd)
  5. Which UK player exceeds their rebound average the most? [4 points; 2 points if second] Harrow (WCS 2nd)
  6. Russdiculous: predict Russ Smith's 2-pt FG Attempts/3-pt FG Attempts/FT Attempts. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 19/1/6
  7. Ryan Harrow will have the offense on his shoulders. Predict his Assists/1st Half Turnovers/2nd Half TOs. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 3/0/0
  8. Does the winning team score the first point(s) of the game? [+/- 1 point] no
  9. Does the winning team score the final point(s) of the game? [+/-1 point] no
  10. Wednesday I posted an article (shameless plug) about where UK was forcing their opponents to attempt shots in terms of shots At the Rim / 2-pt Jumpers / 3-pt Jumpers. Louisville's distribution percentages are 32/33/35 for the season so far. What is UL's shot distribution percentage for the game? Note that your answer should sum to 100. [3 points each within two; 1 point within four] 45/44/11
  11. As Glenn discussed, scoring off turnovers and grabbing offensive rebounds are what fuel the Louisville offense. Within 5 percentage points, what percentage of Louisville's points are scored from 2nd Chance Points + Points Off Turnovers? [4 points] 40.0%
  12. Choose the leading scorer for the game, both teams combined: Russ Smith [3 points]; Archie Goodwin [3 points]; Alex Poythress [4 points]; Anyone Else [2 points] Goodwin
  13. Bonus: What is the largest UK lead in the game and largest UL lead in the game. The closest combined answer earns 3 points (ie if UK is 4 and UL is 2 and you answer 5 and 1 then your combined answer is within 1+1=2). Note: If one team never leads then their largest lead will be "0". UK: 6, UL: 17

This one was really low scoring as the game defied pretty much all conventional thinking (at least when it came to the questions I asked)

1 a2d2 10 9 130 5 0.258 8
2 sweasyf 6 8 91 6 0.206 9
2 kcgard2 6 8 154 2 0.349 3
4 kydamcat 4 9 139 4 0.276 7

Wild Weasel
8 140 3 0.312 5

2 52 7 0.426 1

8 156 1 0.347 4

big-cuz fan
1 21 9 0.288 6

Ken Howlett
2 40 8 0.392 2
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