UK Hoops Vs. UL Game Preview And Thread: Who Will Be The Queens Of The Commonwealth This Season?



6:00 PM Dec. 2

At Louisville

"Tough game ahead here against the University of Louisville, they have an outstanding basketball team this season and we are looking forward to having a chance to go see how we stack up and how much progress we have made over the past couple of weeks. It ought to be a good game and tough matchup for us and we will have to work hard to earn a victory at Louisville."

- UK Hoops Coach Matthew Mitchell

Pretty simple to me. Teams pretty evenly matched, time to see who wants it more.

So let's talk details....

The home team has won in each of the last four meetings and the last five games have been decided by an average of 22.2 points per game. Mitchell's ladies have a chance to send a message here. UL's team is good, but I am not yet convinced they are the caliber of this UK Hoops squad, however Louisville is undefeated and a win over them on their home court will be a signature win for UK this season, whose only loss is to #1 ranked Baylor at Baylor.

When asked about UK and UL being very similar teams, Coach Mitchell had this to say:

"I just have so much respect for how they prepare for a game. They really do a great job of identifying what your weaknesses are and they put a lot of pressure on you in those areas. They really do a fantastic job of preparing for games. What we will really have to get over there and do is be tremendously focused and try to stick to what we want to do and try to stay as close to our identity as what we do well and (we) can't get rattled. I thought we really got rattled over there two years ago. I thought the good play of Louisville really got their crowd into it and discouraged us and that's a recipe for disaster. You really have to stay strong, stay steady, try to make some plays early so you can take the crowd out of it but they are as good at preparing for a game as anybody we will play."

Make no mistake, this is going to be some good old hard nosed basketball, just the kind we like here at Kentucky. A'Dia Mathies will lead the charge for UK against Shoni Schimmel, her sister Jude and the rest of the ladies at UL. There will be no quarter asked, and none given. Look for UK's signature press to be applied without mercy, and for Louisville to try and make a game of it inside. These teams will not fail to entertain you, I promise, and when it's all over, the new "Queens of the Commonwealth" will be crowned for this year.

This will be the game thread as well as the preview, so let's light it up and give new Football Coach Mark Stoops a show on his first night in town!!

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