Reality Checks: We Are Who Everyone Else Thinks We Are, And Other Difficulties

Well, it has been an interesting week at the very least. Rumors have become reality, laws of reality have been broken, and the world has been turned 180 degrees off it's axis. And that's just in Lexington. The week has been a mix of bliss and pain, we have seen tragedy and triumph, and I am not even going to go into my own personal dilemma of having to install a separate browser on this computer just to use this site. There is no way we should be facing this much angst and stress right before the holiday season kicks into high gear, right? Well let's at least go through it all and try to make some sense.

First of all, this week has been just one nightmare of tragedy following another, so I want to cover those. The losses the sporting world has suffered this week have ranged from the unexplainable to the personal. No one, and I mean no one saw the situation with Jovan Belcher and the Kansas City Chiefs coming this week. The murder of his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, and then Belcher's subsequent suicide in front of coaches and his Kansas City G.M. are just horrendous. And adding in the fact that no one knew anything was wrong only enhances the grief. I am also torn by the fact that the NFL continues on without a hiccup with their season. In this case, the game is not bigger than the tragedy. It boggles the mind that it takes a terrorist attack to cancel or even postpone an NFL game. Welcome to the world of money.

Then, closer to home, the loss of Rick Majerus, former head coach of the Utah Utes and St. Louis Billikens is something the entire Big Blue Nation will agree was too soon. Majerus was not only impossible to not like, he was a respected opponent who just simply had the bad luck of drawing UK every time his teams hit the NCAA's. He will be sorely missed in the world of NCAA Basketball if for no other reason than he gave the world a reason not to hate all coaches who wore sweaters. Majerus was a likeable opponent and there just aren't many of those around.

Then we face the loss of John Crigler, one of the Fiddlin' Five. This one hits closest of all. Crigler was one of the Big Blue Nation's heroes and beloved legends. Although he wasn't a household name, he was nonetheless an important part of that squad. We lose another hero.

To help offset these tragedies, we will be bringing in the newest member of the Big Blue Nation today as Mark Stoops joins Kentucky to resurrect our gridiron grind and bring passion back to our passing attack. If Stoops is successful, UK may just indeed become what some of us here in the Bluegrass have been begging for since we learned that not all balls are round.

We learned this week that UL has stopped house hunting for the forseeable future. And their acceptance into the ACC will hopefully finally put them somewhere they can stay. Seeing as how UL changes conferences almost as much as they do uniform designs, maybe this will give them the stability they need to maintain a long running conference affiliation. Then again, if the Duke and UNC to the SEC rumors are true, who knows what happens to the ACC?

There are rumors also floating that Western Kentucky is going to join some of their former conference friends in the ranks of Conference USA. While not a huge bump, it will help Western continue on their quest to keep the ball rolling as they work to improve their standing in collegiate sports as well.

And then we have Coach John Calipari's new charges on the floor at Rupp giving him his first home loss since becoming the Kentucky HC. While not totally outside the realm of possibility, obviously, I can say with confidence that it came as a shock to everyone watching the game, and even to those of us who had to find out later. I have complete confidence that Coach Cal will get all of this under control, but with the first two accomplishments by this group being the loss of Coach Cal's undefeated season hopes, and then the loss of his perfect home record, we can all agree that the year has started out less than stellar. Truthfully this had to happen sooner or later, no one is perfect. We simply must do that one thing that no one in the Big Blue Nation is famous for, being patient. And we all know how we loooooove to be patient. This week, the fact that the football program is generating more talk about ticket sales than the basketball program is simply par for the course.

All in all, this week has been one that for some reasons we will never forget, and for some reasons one that we would like to.
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