GOG 2012-13 #08: December Break

The fall semester has come to an end which means plenty of time for practice, practice, and more practice! Both teams have plenty of things to work on and if ever there is a time when we'll see a big jump in quality play this will be it. The men face off against Lipscomb and a solid Marshall team while the women hit the road to play Pepperdine and UC Santa Barbara before returning home to play Alcorn State.

Tentative Upcoming GOG schedule:

GOG #09: Louisville (men)

Read the Preseason GOG for information about the GOG and a collection of useful links.

GOG 2012-13 #08

Answers due by tip-off against Lipscomb Saturday

Men vs Lipscomb, Marshall

  1. One area the Cats will try to improve is free throw shooting. Do they shoot 70% or better from the line in the two games combined? [+/- 1 point] No. They just barely missed at 69.8%
  2. KenPom currently predicts an 87-61 UK win over Lipscomb and an 80-61 win over Marshall. Does UK beat Lipscomb by 26 or more and Marshall by 19 or more? [+/- 1 point each] Yes to both
  3. Does a UK player accomplish any of the following in either game: 15+ rebounds, 30+ points, 10+ assists, 6+ steals, or 8+ blocks? [+/- 1 point] No, though Noel was close with 7 blocks in a game
  4. How many points do the non-freshmen combine to score against Marshall? [4/3/2/1 point] 36
  5. Who grabs more rebounds against Lipscomb: Poythress+Noel or Everyone Else? [+/- 1 point] Everyone Else
  6. Ryan Harrow: predict his Assists vs Lipscomb/Assists vs Marshall/Total Steals. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 2/4/5
  7. One thing that Lipscomb does really well is get to the FT line as they have the 26th best FTRate in the country. Unfortunately they have a Kentucky-esque 64.5 FT%. How many Free Throws do they Attempt, how many Free Throws do they Make? [4 points each; 2 points within three] 13 of 24
  8. Marshall is an outstanding offensive rebounding team, grabbing 39.2% of their own missed shots (33rd nationally). Kentucky has been much, much better on the defensive glass recently so this will be a good test. Within 4 points, what is Marshall's Offensive Rebound% in the game? [3 points] 34.0%
  9. One of Marshall's best players and best stories is Dennis Tinnon. Predict his Offensive Rbs/Defensive Rbs/Points. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 1/5/14

Women vs Pepperdine, UC-Santa Barbara, Alcorn St

  1. How many assisted points (ie points scored from baskets that result in an assist) do the Wildcats score against the California teams? [4/3/2/1 points] 71
  2. How many missed points (ie the point value of missed field goals and missed FTs) does Alcorn State have? [4/3/2/1 points] 65
  3. Who is the first bench player to score against UC-Santa Barbara? [3 points] Pinkett
  4. Who is the first player to get a steal against Pepperdine? [3 points] Walker
  5. Who is the first player to commit a turnover against Alcorn St? [3 points] Stallworth
  6. Predict DeNesha Stallworth's Points scored against Pepperdine/UC-SB/Alcorn St. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 17/12/10

Teams Combined

  1. There will be 10 total halves of play for these 5 games. What is the combined record in these 10 halves? [4 points; 1 point within two] 10-0
  2. How many total double-doubles do UK players record? [4 points; 2 points within two] 5
  3. Within 4 percentage points, what is the combined 3pt FG% for UK? [3 points] 30.1%
  4. Which UK squad has the highest single game point scored? [+/- 1 point] Women

1 kcgard2 24 7 148 2 0.382 3
2 Wild Weasel 22 8 140 3 0.312 5
3 kydamcat 19 8 135 4 0.301 6
4 ukcris 18 8 156 1 0.347 4
5 a2d2 14 8 120 5 0.267 8
6 sweasyf 11 7 85 6 0.220 9

2 52 7 0.426 1

big-cuz fan
1 21 9 0.288 7

Ken Howlett
2 40 8 0.392 2

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