UK Hoops: Individual Numbers


The UK hoops squad keeps on rolling. Here's a look at how the individual players are performing under the temp-free microscope.

Last week I posted some tempo free stats for the UK Women's basketball team so that we could get a sense of the quality of the team offense and defense after accounting for the frenetic, high-pace style of play. The main takeaways were Defense: fantastic; Offense: okay, but not great.

As a complement, here are the individual versions of the tempo free numbers, through the DePaul game. I don't have any kind of national rankings, but my sense is that you should judge these numbers in roughly the same context as you would for a men's squad. I've highlighted particular fields that indicate good play.

First up is an overall view of the offensive contributions. What I've done is divide the team into 3 groups based roughly on minutes played and then sorted within each group by how many possessions they use (Poss %):

Player Min% ORtg Poss% Shot%
DeNesha Stallworth 55.6 107.2 23.2 24.0
A'dia Mathies 70.6 118.6 22.2 26.5
Kastine Evans 57.2 113.2 20.4 15.4
Bria Goss 59.7 99.3 17.7 17.8
Azia Bishop 43.8 93.3 14.9 16.5
Janee Thompson 30.3 100.5 24.3 25.0
Bernisha Pinkett 36.3 133.6 21.8 26.8
Jennifer O'Neill 29.1 117.3 19.9 18.6
Samantha Drake 30.0 71.5 19.2 15.6
Jelleah Sidney 10.3 80.4 30.2 22.7
Brittney Henderson 10.0 112.6 21.5 19.8

  • The big surprise to me is how balanced the offense is: I expected A'dia Mathies to be a heavy possession user, but the offense is actually pretty balanced. Despite her struggles against UL and Baylor, Mathies is posting a terrific Offensive Rating.
  • Here's a question for Greg: how in the world is Bernisha Pinkett not playing more? She's been outstanding on offense (more on that below) and getting her more minutes could go a long way towards bringing the team's offense closet to their defense.
  • DeNesha Stallworth also deserves a shout out. Posting a 107.2 ORtg while using a touch over 23% of possessions while in the game is getting it done. If recent games are any indication she might be getting even more involved and that could mean good things for the offense going forward.

Now here's a look at shooting:

Player eFG% TS% FT% 2P% 3P%
DeNesha Stallworth 52.0 53.4 69.2 54.4 16.7
A'dia Mathies 47.1 48.7 66.7 41.0 37.2
Kastine Evans 57.1 57.8 60.0 57.1 0.0
Bria Goss 38.1 45.7 86.4 32.4 31.8
Azia Bishop 38.8 40.9 62.5 44.4 22.7
Janee Thompson 48.8 52.7 88.9 30.4 47.4
Bernisha Pinkett 50.0 52.5 80.0 55.6 29.6
Jennifer O'Neill 68.3 68.8 75.0 63.6 47.4
Samantha Drake 46.2 46.2 0.0 69.2 15.4
Jelleah Sidney 50.0 44.8 0.0 55.6 25.0
Brittney Henderson 63.6 55.6 20.0 63.6 0.0

  • The Cats have shot well overall but one player who needs to shoot more is Jennifer O'Neill - she has some of the best numbers on the team but is only taking 18.6% of the shots while on the floor - she's like the women's version of Darius Miller.
  • Janee Thompson's superb 3pt shooting helps make up for her dreadful 2pt shooting, but the next step for her clearly is to get better inside the arc. Her terrific FT% suggests she can do it.

Last up are some misc categories: rebounding, ball handling, etc.

Player ORb% DRB% FTRate Ast% TO% Stl%
DeNesha Stallworth 9.2 15.7 17.6 9.0 23.3 1.8
A'dia Mathies 7.3 9.0 17.3 13.6 13.9 4.0
Kastine Evans 16.9 16.3 61.2 9.5 22.9 5.3
Bria Goss 6.6 7.6 37.3 4.2 23.7 3.1
Azia Bishop 3.4 6.9 20.0 7.6 23.0 3.4
Janee Thompson 4.0 7.0 21.4 6.9 29.5 2.2
Bernisha Pinkett 14.1 9.1 18.5 13.8 8.4 5.5
Jennifer O'Neill 2.1 8.3 13.3 14.3 31.8 2.3
Samantha Drake 2.0 3.0 0.0 11.1 46.5 3.3
Jelleah Sidney 14.6 8.8 23.1 20.2 37.6 8.1
Brittney Henderson 18.1 15.1 45.5 8.3 15.5 3.3

  • Look at Pinkett's line and you can see why she's posting a 133 ORtg: she is dynamite on the offensive glass, has an okay assist rate and never turns the ball over. Combine that will solid shooting numbers and you get a quality offensive player.
  • Kastine Evans may be a guard, but she is doing a great job on the glass in limited minutes.
  • Mathies' turnover rate is lower than I expected and is a big reason why she's able to be so good on offense despite the somewhat low shooting numbers.

When you put it all together it's clear that there are some very talented offensive players on this team. If Coach Mitchell can figure out a way to get more minutes to Pinkett and more shots from O'Neil, we might see an offense that is close to being as good as the defense.

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