Your Head Coaching Candidates, Part 2 non-Head Coaches

Previously we had looked at the myriad of names being dropped over the past couple of months related to the UK head coaching position. Due to the large number of names, I split it into those with college head coaching experience (in the first post) and now all the rest, or at least all the rest for now.

First, there have been some more names with head coach experience that have been mentioned since the first post. Below are these added names and, as before, you can click on the name to get the google search page for that person.

Matt Campbell, Toledo - real young
Mark Dantonio, Mich State - this one came out of left field, not sure how this one came into play

So...... on to the non head coach experience names. Enjoy.

Chad Morris, OC Clemson - background doesn’t scream Head Coach
Kirby Smart, DC Alabama - does he really know Saban’s defense enough to duplicate
Manny Diaz, DC Texas - top shelf talent
Kliff Kingsbury, OC Texas A&M - one of my favorite in non head coach category
Neal Brown, OC Texas Tech - ex-UK player doesn’t mean hire. We’ve done that.
Robert Prince, OC Boise State - not much experience, job hopper
Brent Pease, OC Florida - not my favorite, AT ALL
Tom Herman, OC Ohio State - unlike Morris his background screams Head Coach
Bryan Harsin, Co-OC Texas - He’ll be a HC somewhere soon, maybe to replace Brown
Bill Miller, Asst HC Minn - way down on my list
Mike Norvell, OC Ariz State - really young and I don’t think he’s a football Alpha
Doug Nussmeier, OC Bama - lack of experience, may be too one dimensional
David Yost, OC Mizzou - so many candidates at this level
Major Applewhite, Co-OC Texas - another with HC in his future, now? here?
Bud Foster, DC Va Tech - Overdue for HC. Ties to Kentucky. solid background
Josh Heupel, OC Oklahoma - stock is rising but many others ahead
Todd Monken, OC Okla State - don’t know enough about him
Pat Narduzzi, DC Mich State - Okay, not great
Everett Withers, DC Ohio State - good ties, good D, good choice, get some Ohio boys
Rick Minter, DC Kentucky - just seeing if you’re paying attention
Tony Franklin, OC La Tech - I’d rather have him as part of a Dykes hire
Dirk Koetter, OC Falcons - seems a good choice at first glance
Rob Ryan, DC Cowboys - please no, repeat, please no
Ben McAdoo, QBs Packers - odd fit, college ties to recruiting?
Mike Archer, DC NC State - defense minded, ties to UK. still no.

So there you have it - even more names. Chime in on your thoughts on those above or add to the list. I’ll continue to keep my ear to the ground and will likely be adding more fanposts as the search continues...........

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