GOG 2012-13 #05: Rebound Weekend

This weekend the men attempt to rebound from an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Notre Dame while also trying to learn how to rebound the basketball. The women do not need to rebound from a bad loss, but they are leading a vanguard action invading Louisville to battle the newly-conferenced Cardinals. This is a battle of Top 10 teams and you might remember the last such game did not go so well for the Cats, so I guess you could say they are trying to rebound from that.

Tentative Upcoming GOG schedule:

GOG #06: Samford/DePaul

GOG #07: Portland/Lipscomb/Marshall and MTSU/Pepperdine/UCSB

GOG #08: Louisville (men)

Read the Preseason GOG for information about the GOG and a collection of useful links.

GOG #03 has been scored. Congrats to GoLightning on the win!
GOG #04 has been scored. Congrats to Wild Weasel on the win!

GOG 2012-13 #05

Men vs Baylor

  1. Who wins the game? [+/- 1 point] Baylor
  2. How many points does UK score in the 1st half? [4/3/2/1 points] 29
  3. How many points does UK score in the 2nd half? [4/3/2/1 points] 30
  4. Rebound is still an issue. What is UK's rebounding margin over Baylor? (this could be a positive or a negative number) (forget to post points on this one) [4 points, 2 points within three] +11
  5. Predict Ryan Harrow's Minutes/FG Attempts/Assists. [3 points each; 1 point within two] 18/9/2
  6. Hit or Miss: Nerlens Noel's first free throw? [+/- 1 point] hit
  7. Hit or Miss: Julius Mays' first 3pt Attempt? [+/- 1 point] miss
  8. Is the first rebound of the game (for either team) an offensive rebound or a defensive board? [+/- 1 point] defensive
  9. Oh look, Baylor has one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the country. Well this should be fun. Within 3 percentage points, what is Baylor's Offensive Rebound %? [4 points]. 18.18%

Women vs Louisville

  1. Who wins the game? [+/- 1 point] UK
  2. What is the largest lead for either team? [4/3/2/1 points] 14 points
  3. How many points off turnovers do the two teams combine to score? [4/3/2/1 points] 27
  4. How many Wildcats score in double figures in the game? [3 points, 1 point within one] 2
  5. What is the end result of the first Cardinal turnover: UK made FG [2 points], UK missed FG [2 points], UK turnover [3 points], UK Free throws [4 points]. Missed FG
  6. How many lead changes in the game? How many ties? [4 points each; 2 points within two] 3 lead changes, 2 ties


Courtesy of Ken Pomeroy, this weekend features 5 games between 10 of the remaining 28 unbeaten teams in college. Predict the winner of Oklahoma St/Virginia Tech, Alabama/Cincinnati, East Carolina/Charlotte, Arizona/Texas Tech, and Colorado/Wyoming. [+/- 1 point each; a bonus of 3 points for picking all 5 games correctly or picking all 5 incorrectly] Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Arizona, Wyoming

Bonus [5 points max]:

Here's what you do: select one (1) player from either Wildcat squad AND one of the following stat categories: Points, Rebounds+Blocks, or Steals+Assists. You will receive bonus points for the production your player achieves in the selected category based on the following ratios (fractions will be rounded up):

Points: 1 bonus point for every 4.
Rebounds+Blocks: 1 bonus point for every 3
Steals+ Assists: 1 bonus point for every 2

So for example, if you pick Noel/Rebounds+Blocks and he gets 9 rebounds and 2 blocks, that would be good for 4 bonus points (rounding up).

There is a cap of 5 bonus points maximum. Each player may only be used by 1 entry. So once someone selects Noel, no one else can use him.

Goodwin/Points: 17 points -> 5 bonus
Noel/Blocks+RB: 17 -> 5 bonus
Poythress/Points: 13 -> 4 bonus
Mathies/Points: 6-> 2 bonus
Wiltjer/Points: 3 -> 1 bonus
Walker/Blocks+RB: 6 -> 2 bonus

1 kcgard2 25 4 97 2 0.416 2
2 kydamcat 22 5 90 3 0.305 5
3 a2d2 17 5 86 5 0.292 7
4 ukcris 15 5 103 1 0.349 4
5 sweasyf 11 4 58 6 0.249 9
6 Wild Weasel 10 5 90 3 0.305 5

2 52 7 0.426 1

big-cuz fan
1 21 9 0.288 8

Ken Howlett
1 27 8 0.370 3
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