Your new starting point guard for Kentucky. - Andy Lyons

News updates for 11.28.2012

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet for Wednesday, November 28th, 2012.

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Afternoon News Update

Calipari has spoken, according to multiple sources on Twitter. Your new starting point guard, for now, is Archie Goodwin:

I have two observations:

  1. Goodwin may be learning the spot, but he's learning it fast, and;
  2. There is no harder player for an opposing point guard to defend than Goodwin. In fact, as far as I can tell, he's indefensible by any current college player.
  • I think this is stupid. I just do. Your mileage may vary.

Alan Cutler reports that Harrow did not consider leaving UK:

So all that Stacey Poole talk we kept hearing was just Wildcats fans being typically paranoid. That's not a criticism, just a fact. "He's probably just saying that" in 3-2-1 ...

  • Kentucky football "Not a wasteland." Well, that's nice to know.
  • Apparently, ESPN's TV deal with the Big East was scuttled by... the schools that left. Heh.
  • Make of this what you will:
  • As for your new OC at Kentucky, consider:

  • I know this isn't basketball, but last time this was discussed, legislation ensued. Would that happen again?
  • Kentucky Hoops 92, Miami 53
  • Forde needs to go wipe his face off. That's all I'm saying.
  • Heh. From KSR, and from a Syracuse blog. Seems like Rick Pitino's having a change of heart. I'll bet it took no longer than 15 seconds ...
  • I get the feeling that Casual Hoya is feeling a touch jilted. Would they have written the same thing if Georgetown had gotten the ACC invite instead of Louisville? We'll never know, I suppose. But he does bring up some interesting points -- not terribly convincing, but not completely looney, either.
  • Heh II:
  • I'm for it, if only because it makes opposing fans so mad.
  • Heh III:

I just have to say it's nice that the coaching search is over, and we can sit back and thumb our nose at everyone else, if only for a little while.


Return of the Quickies: Mark Stoops Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. The Quickies return from Las Vegas. Mark Stoops hired as Kentucky coach. Indiana dominates North Carolina. The search for an offensive coordinator begins. More.

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