Where Are They Now? UK Football's Anthony White

Anthony White played Running Back for Kentucky from 1996 to 1999. He led the team in rushing in 97' and 99' and ranks number 10 on the all-time UK rushing yardage list and number 3 on the all-time career receptions list. He is without question one of the greatest offensive players to wear the blue and white. Anthony was kind enough to take the time to answer the questions below and bring us up to date on where he is and what he has been doing since his playing days. I would like to thank Mr. White for his time and for being a proud member of the Big Blue Nation. You can follow him on twitter @AdotWhite or on facebook at and listen to him on WLAP on Sunday mornings.

1) What brought you to play football at UK?
I was heavily recruited by (at the time) QB coach Ray Doore, may he Rest in Peace. I would be in class or at lunch and he would be in my high school seemed to be on a month and every letter I received from him was hand written. I also wanted to play in the SEC amongst the great backs like Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson, Herschal Walker. And lastly, my mom didn't want me going to far away from Twinsburg Hts, OH so I chose UK because they were only 5 hours away.

2) Who was your favorite coach at UK?
During my time at UK I would say my favorite coach(es) were Chris Hatcher, Mike Leach, and Tony Franklin...All, for separate reasons, but made playing football at the University of Kentucky fun, exciting, and successful.

3) What team did you want to beat the most?
While I was at UK I would say I wanted to beat all teams equally (very badly), but I would have to say Florida because they were nationally so powerful, and then Louisville because I didn't want to hear the media and the student body talking smack for 365 days.

4) What is your favorite game you played in at UK?
My favorite game at UK was 1998 against South Carolina when I rushed and caught for 100 yards/100 yards, because initially that week I wasn't schemed to touch the ball much at all, I was beginning a blocking role in the "Air Raid" offense (if you don't believe it go back and watch the 1st series or two of that game in 98), and as the game progressed my role changed and I became more of a focus in the offense and was named SEC player of the week.

5) What is your favorite memory from playing at UK?
My favorite memory at UK was 97 against the University of Alabama, because the prior year I had my worst offensive game ever in my life with 6 carries for -(16 yards) and two fumbles. Not to mention I was later released of my football obligations with the University of Kentucky, but was later given the opportunity to return and continue playing when Hal Mumme was named the coach. We beat Alabama after 75 years, I had an 100 yard game and the rest is history.

6) What type of work have you done since your playing days?
Since my playing days have ended in 2003, I have been working with numerous youth foundations and youth sports programs coordinating and sponsoring events. I currently work for News Radio WLAP 630AM as HS color commentator and Co-Host on the "First State Financial Sunday Morning Sports Talk" show every Sunday morning from 9am until noon. And I started a self-named company "Anthony White Enterprise" which I basically support children and single parents in needs of sponsorship for youth development (Athletically, socially, and mentally). AWE is also a parent company for other entities I have developed to help families and individuals with self-development and support.

7) Where are you now?
I have now been back in Lexington, KY since 2005 and although I am not rooted here I have a lot going on and invested here, that I'm just enjoying life here.

8) Proudest accomplishment at UK?
My proudest accomplishment(s) at UK would have to be becoming the only player in SEC history to gain 1,500 yards rushing and 1,500 yards receiving in a career, and being the only UK player to be in the TOP 10 Rushing and Receiving considering guys like Moe Williams, Sonny Collins, Mark Higgs, Randall Cobb, and Raphael Little. I'm proud to be in elite company and still relevant.

9) Proudest accomplishment in life?
Proudest accomplishment(s) in life are earning my degree from UK, receiving a proclamation for my home town of Twinsburg Hts, OH for my efforts with the community and youth, and starting my own company.

10) Season predictions?
I predict that the CATS will win 4 maybe 5 games this season, but will be much more successful next season due to experience earned. A1fa55c7_medium


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