I Confess

I doubted Tim. Taking a back seat to no one in my admiration of the young man, the last three weeks did create doubt. Yes, the play calling bothered me greatly, but maybe the experts were right. Maybe Tim, for all his wonderful attributes, just isn't cut out to be a pro QB. Yes, I doubted him. Cranking out miles on the treadmill today, I almost lost it during the 1st quarter. Who is calling these plays? Come on Tim throw the ball. Come on guys catch the ball. Then the second quarter happened.

The Q 3 and Q 4 and we were losing. Why these play calls? Hold on to the darned ball #23. Intercept it #24. Let Tim makes some plays. Then OT. One play. One beautiful play. A play I have been begging the TV to force Fox to call for weeks. TT To DT. TD. OT Over.

I will never doubt Tim again.

Seriously, before kids the wife and I had Bronco season tickets. We were in the south stands for the Fumble and to this day I swear that I was the first to see the ball on the ground. We watched field goals go wide left and give the Broncos the win. We watched, to tense to talk, Superbowl losses and later victories.

Sure the Super Bowls were great. The victories at least. The loses were tough. ( Say Dan Reeves, could you explain that playing calling against the Giants? Just once, explain those play calls.)

Yet, this win is at a new level. The Christian kid who can't play. Who is a novelty. Who just runs the ball. Yes, #15 lead the Broncos to victory against the mighty Steelers. Beautiful baby. Just beautiful. All the funk that I keep contained deep within is fighting to get out.

So the daughter in Houston called and I said, darling I have not doubted Jesus for thirty years and I will never doubt Tim Tebow again. She laughed. I said I am serious. What a kid. Tebow, not my daughter. Oh, heck the daughter is great too.

I could go on forever, but I need to talk by wife into going to NE next week. Look I bleed UK blue. I remember the Runts. I remember Cotton I remember the bouncy rims at Auburn, but this kid I love him. ( I used to watch him play and ask Jesus, Why couldn't he play for the Cats? Just one or two years. Come on Lord. )

Seriously. Since the Broncos started winning I have paid attention to what happened immediately after the game . Sometimes you get extensive coverage. Sometimes not. After the NE game Brady and Tebow met at midfield. Brady said, See you down the road. He was right. Amazing.

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