SEC Basketball Power Poll Ballot, 1/2/2012: Kentucky On Top


Of course, it's no real surprise to see UK on top of the first SEC Power Poll. After all, they are second in all the land in both polls, so who can gainsay this position?

For the rest of the league, as usual, we have some good teams, some bad teams, and some teams that have not been tested. Florida definitely has been tested, and they are more than worthy of #2. Alabama has also faced several quality opponents and have shown that they are worthy of a top tier spot in the SEC.

But so far, for my money, Mississippi St. has been a bit more convincing, so i'm sticking them at three and putting the Tide at #4. After that, it is pretty much a scrum for leavings and scrapings. I still can't buy into Auburn, because they haven't beaten a soul.

For the rest of the ballot, follow me past the jump.

This is what my ballot looks like for this week:

Rank Team Overall Conf Proj Pomeroy AdjO AdjD AdjT Comments
1 Kentucky 13-1 0-0 14-2 0.9642 116.4 84.4 69.5 Not much to say. Much the best right now, but could be challenged in the league.
2 Florida 11-3 0-0 12-4 0.9247 121.9 95.5 67.9 Fantastic offense, but they have to defend somebody.
3 Mississippi St. 13-2 0-0 9-7 0.7959 107.9 94.5 68.3 A very dangerous, but at the same time vulnerable, team.
4 Alabama 10-3 0-0 11-5 0.8870 106.5 87.1 63.6 The mirror image of Florida
5 Vanderbilt 9-4 0-0 9-7 0.8281 108.7 93.3 68.8 Big win @ Marquette. Can they keep the momentum going?
6 Louisiana St. 10-3 0-0 7-9 0.7049 98 90 67.3 Have the look of an NIT or CBI team right now, but if they can beat Virginia, I'll be buying LSU stock.
7 Arkansas 10-3 0-0 7-9 0.7167 101.9 93.1 71.6 Remind me of Alabama with a different style. The Hawgs need to learn to offend.
8 Mississippi 9-4 0-0 7-9 0.6714 97.4 90.8 69.9 Latest 3-game losing skid has exposed them.
9 Georgia 9-5 0-0 6-10 0.6420 102.7 97 64.1 Only two victories over opponents ranked better than 100. Sell.
10 Tennessee 6-6 0-0 6-10 0.6369 106.4 100.7 65.5 Has played a couple of opponents tough. Jarnell Stokes will help, but how much?
11 South Carolina 7-6 0-0 5-11 0.6204 103.7 98.8 63.8 Giving fans very little reason to believe.
12 Auburn 9-3 0-0 4-12 0.4609 97.7 99.2 67.8 Not buying any improvement over last year yet, at least not in the league.

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