SEC Basketball Power Poll Ballot, Week of 1/17/2012

It's time for the SEC Power Poll again, which is always published, once it's compiled, over at Garnet and Black Attack. This week's Power Poll features a few changes from last week. The biggest movers on my ballot are Tennessee, Mississippi, Auburn and Georgia.

Here's how the SEC fared against one another last week:

Date Visiting Team Score Home Team Score Location Box Notes
01/10/12 Georgia 48 Florida 70 O'Connell Center Boxscore Blowout
01/10/12 Vanderbilt 67 South Carolina 57 Colonial Life Arena Boxscore Closer than expected
01/11/12 Kentucky 68 Auburn 53 Auburn Arena Boxscore Closer than the score
01/11/12 Arkansas 63 Ole Miss 71 Tad Smith Coliseum Boxscore
01/11/12 LSU 53 Alabama 69 Coleman Coliseum Boxscore
01/12/12 Tennessee 58 Mississippi State 62 Humphrey Coliseum Boxscore Closer than expected
01/14/12 Kentucky 65 Tennessee 62 Thompson-Boling Arena Boxscore Closer than expected
01/14/12 Ole Miss 68 Auburn 69 Auburn Arena Boxscore Mild upset
01/14/12 Alabama 52 Mississippi State 56 Humphrey Coliseum Boxscore
01/14/12 Georgia 66 Vanderbilt 77 Memorial Gym (TN) Boxscore Closer than expected
01/14/12 Florida 79 South Carolina 65 Colonial Life Arena Boxscore
01/14/12 LSU 60 Arkansas 69 Bud Walton Arena Boxscore Mild upset

Join me past the jump for more.

Here's my ballot for this week:

Rank Last wk. Delta Team Overall Conf Proj Pomeroy AdjO AdjD AdjT Conf SOS Comments
1 1 0 Kentucky 17-1 3-0 14-2 0.9535 115.5 86.0 68.8 0.6206 Much the best, but playing below their potential.
2 2 0 Alabama 13-4 2-1 12-4 0.9171 107.6 85.1 63.7 0.7610 Road loss to MSU can be forgiven. Defense keeps them in games, but 3-pt shooting still a glaring problem.
3 4 1 Florida 14-4 2-1 11-5 0.9229 122.7 96.3 67.0 0.6751 Drubbed by Tennessee, but came back strong against Georgia. Front line dept is beginning to take it's toll.
4 3 -1 Vanderbilt 13-4 3-0 10-6 0.8451 109.4 92.7 67.0 0.4944 Very tempted to put them third. The 'Dores are taking care of business, and showing why they were once ranked top ten.
5 5 0 Mississippi St. 15-3 2-1 9-7 0.8018 109.8 95.8 67.4 0.7731 A bad loss to Arkansas makes me wonder about them, but they are taking care of business at home.
6 6 0 Louisiana St. 11-6 1-2 7-9 0.7476 99.8 89.8 67.0 0.8199 The road is taking a toll on the Tigers, and 42% from inside the arc is a real problem.
7 8 1 Arkansas 13-4 2-1 8-8 0.7427 104.0 93.8 72.6 0.6889 Undefeated at home this year. Keep an eye on this team, but their first road game is in Lexington.
8 10 2 Tennessee 8-9 1-2 7-9 0.6959 104.9 96.8 65.0 0.8911 With the addition of Jarnell Stokes, the Vols become a major spoiler.
9 7 -2 Mississippi 11-6 1-2 5-11 0.6166 96.0 91.7 67.9 0.6859 A loathsome shooting team, but a good defensive one. If they don't find some offense, though, a post-season of any kind is very unlikely.
10 12 2 Auburn 11-6 1-2 4-12 0.4131 95.2 98.6 66.3 0.8284 Played Kentucky tough at home, then turned around and beat Ole Miss. But don't look for too many surprises.
11 9 -2 Georgia 9-8 0-3 4-12 0.5903 103.9 100.2 63.3 0.9177 Georgia has had a very tough road so far, playing 3 of the top 4 league teams in their opening three games. Better matchup coming with the Vols at home, but that's a 50/50 proposition at best.
12 11 -1 South Carolina 8-9 0-3 4-12 0.6063 105.7 101.4 62.2 0.8999 Challenged Florida and Vandy at home. Eligible to improve.


  1. Florida's drubbing of Georgia caused me to raise them, but honestly, I'm not sure that's wise. They have yet to win on the road, and Vandy has. Vandy is eligible to move up.
  2. The close Alabama loss at MSU did not bother me. Alabama is still the second or third best team in this league, but they have to prove it against Vandy on Thursday.
  3. Is Arkansas about to become a factor?
  4. Auburn won a game this week, and they sure played Kentucky tough. Signs of life?
  5. South Carolina needs to beat somebody. They have young talent, but they have faced nothing but the class of the league so far.
  6. The Dawgs have been disappointing so far, but to be fair, they have only played teams that should be much better than them.

Agree? Disagree? Comment away.

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