Conference Realignment and the BCS System

With all the talk of conference realignment and the fast moving landscape of college football, there has been alot of talk about how this affects the game.  I had an interesting conversation with some friends over the weekend and the topic was what will happen to the current BCS format if the Big 12 and Big East dissolve leaving only 4 AQ conferences.  This will be a very hot topic if/when the 2 conferences dissolve into unrecognizable entities.

First of all, to discuss this topic we have to have a few assumptions in place.  For starters, the 2 conferences in question (Big 12 and Big East)  would have to become non-viable BCS caliber football conferences.  Secondly, there is not a 5th BCS-caliber conference started and lastly there are 4 major conferences each with 16 teams.  I think this is a very real possibility in the next 2 years.  That means the Big 12 and Big East would lose AQ status, leaving only 4 AQ conferences.

This will create a major divide between those schools in these huge “superconferences” and those independent schools and/or those in mid-major type schools.  The argument between mid-major type schools and those in these “superconferences” will get even more heated and divide opinions even further because of the sheer size of each conference and how utterly brutal it will be versus a non-AQ conference. 

-So my question to you is, what would happen to the current BCS system?

-Based on these assumptions, would there be enough good football schools that could join forces and create another AQ caliber conference?  Will the BCS try to find other options for AQ status for teams left out of the BCS conferences?

-Would the BCS allow for more than 2 teams from a BCS conference into the BCS games?  Would the NCAA be forced to “strongly” consider a playoff system (rather than the current lip service they give it)? Would the BCS go away completely?

-I find this opinion highly unlikely but would these “superconferences” consider somehow creating their own playoff system and get out of the BCS?  If so, would this create a whole new football division within the NCAA?

-If a playoff system were to be divised between the 4 “superconferences”, would each conference's championship game become the first round of a playoff system? And then reseed the winners accordingly for a 4 team playoff system?  (This is what I would like to see in a perfect world)

I think we are on the verge of major changes and not just in conference realignment. These are just a few questions, that I see arising if such a situation occurred as described above.  So what are your thoughts?  Would there be any other potential outcomes?  Are there any other questions, that I am not asking? I am interested in everyone's thoughts.


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