SEC Power Poll Week 2: Alabama Out In Front

I wasn't able to vote in the Blogpoll this weekend due to prior commitments, but I have been able to submit a ballot for the SEC Power Poll.  This week, Alabama takes the lead, as everyone would expect.

As far as Kentucky goes, they have got to prove themselves worthy against a BCS team.  It's important to note that even the Vanderbilt Commodores have done that, and the 'Cats will get their chance this weekend against the Louisville Cardinals.  But UK has looked so very ... un-SEC in their first two games, I had to punish them a bit in this poll.

You can find my ballot after the jump.

Okay, here it is.  Read 'em and weep:

Rank Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV FBR Polls Comments
1 Alabama
2-0 0.00 75-18 28.5 1 2 Dominated the Nittany Lions with defense.
2-0 66.67 89-30 29.5 2 3 Well, they didn't cover the spread.
3 South Carolina 1-0 2-0 0.00 101-79 11.0 9 11 Who needs an offense when your defensive end can score twice?
4 Auburn 1-0 2-0 66.67 83-72 5.5 13 21,19 I guess there was a reason I had them in my top 25.
5 Arkansas
2-0 0.00 103-10 46.5 15 14,13 632 total yards is a big number to hang on any D-1 team.
6 Florida
2-0 0.00 80-3 38.5 22 16,17 We'll find out how good they are versus the Vols next week.
7 Tennessee
2-0 0.00 87-39 24.0 29 35,32 I'm mildly impressed by the win over Cincy. I'll be a lot more impressed if they handle the Gators.
8 Mississippi State 0-1 1-1 0.66 93-55 19.0 31 25 MSU is the second school in a row to be victimized by Auburn's last-second heroics.
9 Georgia 0-1 0-2 66.67 63-80 -8.5 37 37,40 I just got Mark Richts resume in the mail.
10 Vanderbilt
69-35 17.0 48
The 'Dores beat a BCS team and James Franklin goes 2-0 as Vandy coach. Will wonders never cease?
11 Kentucky
2-0 0.00 41-16 12.5 59
Ugly win against a MAC team has the Big Blue faithful shaking their heads.
12 Mississippi
1-1 33.33 55-38 8.5 72
It's better than 0-2. I'm looking at you, Georgia.


One thing I will say is that when you see me place Vanderbilt ahead of UK, you know I am not terribly impressed with what the Wildcats have done.  Even in their worst years, UK is usually better than Vandy, but this year I am not so sanguine.  I certainly hope they are, but so far there is still a bit of doubt.

Georgia, at 0-2, arguably deserves to be last, but I can't put them there in good conscience due to the schedule they've played.

Auburn at 4?  Well, they beat MSU, and MSU was ranked way higher.  They have to get some credit for that.

So what do you think?

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