Save the Rupp

We've seen "Save the Whales"  and then "Save the Humans".  Sometimes I'm not sure about the survival of either species but let's move on.

With more confidence,  I want to introduce "Save the Rupp"

Yes, Save the Rupp.

On Sunday I'm sure many of you read this article from the LHL:

I was intrigued because we have always been told a new arena will increase revenue with the use of luxury boxes.  Apparently that may NOT be the case or the best approach.

I always had a problem with the luxury box argument anyway.

How can you have luxury boxes and keep the 23,500 + capacity that we've have been proud of since 1976.  Yeah, in a new arena, the nose bleeds could pull a Sarah Palinesque, "We can see Versailles from here." 

And I don't want to lose capacity so a bunch of fat cats can feel rich and contribute nothing towards the loud hell that a home arena should be.  Power to the fans!!!!

So let's renovate Rupp and do it in a way that will not mean a season or two at Freedom Hall.  That can be done. It's not rocket science.

And let's save a boat load of money.  Yum cost a quarter of a billion dollars!  We don't have that kind of bling anymore.

And let's keep an arena that has history... that has tradition... that is approaching venerable... that, when the fans go wild the word eRupption means something... that the name Rupp honors the father of UK basketball.  This stuff is the core of College sports.  You aren't going to get that at Yummm for decades, if ever.

If we build a new arena it ain't gonna be Rupp 2.  No, we'll succumb to corporate sponsorship.  If that happens, how about we get Purnell Old Folks Sausage on board.  They've been a sponsor for years.  In keeping with the food motif begun by the UofL stadium and arena, we could call it the "It's Gooooood!" Arena.  Kidding aside, I don't want a name on an arena that has nothing to do with UK Basketball.

Comments welcome and encouraged. 

This is all just beginning. But imho, Save the Rupp.

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