NCAA: Why does it shed common sense like water off a duck's back?

Just before the biggest game in Butler's history comes a little insight into how the NCAA chooses to make decisions.   While visiting a certain site that covers a certain school in the middle of a certain state across a certain river north of us, I came across this.   Talk about your double-speak.   Reminds me of Catch-22.   Remember, I have no dog in this fight since we're officially in offseason now.    Check it out after the jump.

"As everyone knows, Butler is in Houston for the Final Four. Star forward, Matt Howard, from Connersville, Indiana, comes from a large family of nine siblings. It was going to be VERY expensive for the Howards to take their family to Houston to see Matt play.

But, Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, stepped up and offered to pay for their trip to see Matt in his last games of his collegiate career. "Not so fast", said the NCAA. Irsay providing the money would provide an unequal benefit to Matt, and he would then be ineligible to play in the game. Jim Irsay may NOT provide the cost of the trip for the Howards.

However, it IS legal for the city of Connersville to start a fund to accept donations to pay for the Howards' trip, and upon the announcement that Irsay could not pay for the trip, they did just that. The NCAA stated this week that – of course - it is also acceptable for Jim Irsay to contribute to the Connersville’s fund to send the Howards to Houston - even if he contributes the FULL amount of their trip.

Wait – the parallel universe-isms don’t stop there for Butler fans!

For those fans that cannot make the trip to Houston, the university is giving them another opportunity to see the game and bond with their fellow Bulldogs. On Saturday, large screens were set up inside historic Hinkle Fieldhouse and fans could come for free and watch the game with their fellow Bulldogs. There was one issue, though. Fans are expected to bring their own food and drink into the Fieldhouse.

NCAA regulations do not allow for Butler to open the concession stands. Butler is not permitted to make any money from showing the game. That's right. Bars and restaurants can show the game and attract viewers for profit - as they pay a fee for programming.

However, an NCAA member institution cannot generate income from a basketball game that they are a part of. "

This, from the same organization that allows players to be suspended NEXT year so that they can keep up the TV rating for a bowl game.   Kind of like "your father didn't tell you that you're being paid $200,000 to play football this yr., so it's ok."   Or maybe some kids should have said that they didn't know they were at a tatoo parlor.   "Oh, you didn't KNOW that you went to a tatoo parlor?   Alrighty, then."

I don't know, maybe it's just ME.

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