Odd-shaped Ball. Spring Updates

When March disappears and the first week in April is marked off the calendar, I start looking forward to spring football practice.   More specifically the spring blue/white game which is this coming Saturday.  The stormy weather is not looking promising and adding in the fact that it is also Easter weekend might dampen the crowd along with the rain.  Most schools held their spring game this past weekend, but I am suspecting that the Bluegrass Stakes at Keenland had something to do with the schedule.  Just my thoughts on that. 

Sometimes I forget that my proximity to Lexington allows me to hear a few things that other UK football fans here might miss out on.  I think I will try to rectify that with a few football news links for your reading pleasure.  If you are feeling a bit excited about spring football, let's do the jump together.

First off, the game.  The spring blue/white game is scheduled for 3pm EDT at Commonwealth Stadium.  As I said, the weather is not looking good.  Relatively warm, but a 50% chance for storms.  Maybe the football gods will humor me with a clear 3 or 4 hour window.  It was first rumored that the game would be carried by one of the ESPN's but now it seems it will only be covered on the Big Blue Radio Network.  Lots open at 8am for tailgating.  Full details can be found here.


Here is the spring roster.  Since publishing there are 3 subtractions and a half, that I know about.  I could have missed something.  If you know of others, let us know.

Danny Trevathan is happy to be back.  I hope he increases his stats over last year and is very happy.

Coach Minter is looking to toughen up the defense.  I likey that.  I hope it works.

Just for giggles, at Alabama's A-Day last Saturday, the Crimson Tide unveiled a nine-foot statue of their 5-foot-8 football coach, Nick Saban.  Saban always wants more, right?   John Clay ponders which Cats should be in front of Commonwealth.

Saban and Miles still want 7 cards in a 5 card game. Oversigning,  for the wrong reasons needs to really be addressed.  College player's lives shouldn't be disrupted in this manner.

These will suffice for now as my time is limited this morning.  If you know of other great reads, please share.  I do love football.

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