Houston, here we come

Good morning, y'all!  It's a glorious day!  It's game day!  Gyi0064153138_extra_large_medium

Ok, so I'm all packed for Houston.  There is an abundance of UK gear and apparel in our bags, UK temporary tattoo directions are being looked at, fingernails have been painted a seriously kick-ass blue, and my back-up liver is all set.  I'm ready.

We are just about to leave for the airport, but first I wanted to pop in and say good morning to my ASoB family.  You know, ‘cause y'all are awesome and my hoops season totally wouldn't be the same without you. 

I can't even describe how excited I feel right now.  I'm about to jump out of my skin I'm so antsy.   I got all of, I don't know, about 4 hours of sleep last night and I'm pretty sure that nothing in this world can put a damper on my mood right now. I am in seventh heaven.  The weather is going to be awesome, Houston is expecting around 2 million people to come into town for the FF festivities so the town will be all abuzz and exhilarating, and I will be spending the weekend with our ‘Cats.  I think I've hit the college-basketball-vacation jackpot. 

If you would have told me a year ago when we applied for these FF tickets that I would be able to attend the Final Four AND be able to watch my ‘Cats I would have told you that you'd gone and lost your damn mind.  It just didn't seem even remotely possible.  I was thinking the trip would be fun, sure, but, you know, after our Elite Eight tourney exit last year with arguably one of the most talented groups imaginable and given the fact that most of that talent was more than likely moving on to the next level and would not be wearing the blue and white this year, I along with most reasonable people didn't think it real likely that the Kentucky Wildcats would also be making the trip to Houston.  But, here we are.

In a way that unexpected and totally unimaginable journey makes it all the more exciting now.  I've always considered the FF as a bucket-list type thing because I generally love hoops and the atmosphere surrounding the games and all the festivities would be electric and all that and I was just pretty happy to be going at all, but then this?  Well, words cannot express and win or lose this weekend; I actually think it will be quite a while before I realize the magnitude of awesomeness that I am about to experience.  A Final Four berth featuring the team you love is not something easily attained and it's even more an improbability that you will get the opportunity to attend the action live, at least to my mind, so I plan on savoring every minute of this one.

I know that I love hearing, reading and seeing pictures about things that I'm interested in from people that I "know", so even though I don't consider myself the best storyteller, and assuming some of you are actually interested, I'll do my best to keep you all updated with the average fans perspective about this weekend's action and all the goings on that I participate in while I'm there and once I get back home. 

My commenting about what is going on will probably be pretty sporadic in the next few days, you know, due to all the fun I'm hoping to have, and I don't believe that I can upload pictures to the comments section from my phone, but I will definitely be taking pictures of my experiences using my phone and uploading them to my Facebook and Twitter accounts (it takes like literally 4 seconds) throughout and if Glenn is so inclined he could post them in the comments or whatever in order to share them with all of you.  And, actually, coop can do the same with the Twitter pictures (can't you, coop?).  And, of course, I'll be taking hundreds of pictures with my camera (no, that is not an exaggeration, I can assure you as I love taking pictures) throughout the next few days and will properly share those as well as everything else I experienced with y'all when I get back.

I'll miss you guys while I'm gone and will be thinking of you as I'm drinking Houston out of bourbon (hopefully in celebration) and as I'm cheering so hard and loud for our Cats in person that I'll most certainly cheer myself into hoarseness (yes, NYCCats, I promise to cheer annoyingly loud, just for you).  Cheers, y'all and Go ‘Cats!

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