GOG 2010-11 #29: SEC Tournament (with Thursday deadline)

The season draws to a close with the start of the SEC tournament this week.  It seems like just a few weeks ago we were watching the latest edition of the Wildcats play exhibition games in Canada and pounding the snot out of the Cardinals in the Bucket.  Kentucky enters the SEC Tournament as a 2 seed but with a favorable draw that presents the Cats with some opportunities to avenge earlier losses.

Baring a run to the Final Four, this will be the penultimate GOG for the season, so put everything you've got into your answers!

Basic Information

  • The Preseason GOG is here.  Follow the link if you have questions about what this whole GOG thing is about.
  • The Tournament bracket can be found here (opens a pdf).
  • Congratulations to kydamcat and GoLightning for winning GOG 28!  Click the link for full results.

A few of the questions involve future games in the semis and final.  While we all hope/expect the Cats to advance to the final game, there remains a possibility they could be upset before that point.  In the event that UK does not play in the semis or finals or both, the answers to these questions will still be graded in an appropriate way.  For example, if the question is "How many assists does Knight have in the Semifinal game" and UK doesn't advance that far, the answer would be "0".

New Question Type

Multiple Guess (point value varies): This new question type offers you the chance to give more than one answer to a question to improve your chances of getting it correct - but at a price!  Here's how it works: on certain questions you will have an option to give two or more answers.  If any of your guesses are correct you will get the question correct and there are no penalties for incorrect answers.

Here's the catch: the more guesses you make, the fewer points you earn with a correct answer.  Each guess after the first will reduce the points you can earn by 1.  Each question will have a set number of maximum guesses you can make.

Here's an example:

6. Predict the SEC Tournament MVP. [4 points Multiple Guess: max 4 guesses]

Here are your options:

  1. You can guess one player and if you are correct you will earn 4 points.
  2. You can guess two players and if either is correct you will earn 3 points.
  3. You can guess three players and if any is correct you will earn 2 points.
  4. You can guess four players and if any is correct you will earn 1 point.

So there you have it.  Multiple guess questions will be clearly indicated as the example was.

Deadline for entries is tip-off of Game 1 at 1:00 PM Thursday, March 10.

GOG 2010-11 #29: SEC Tournament [Max 60 Points]

  1. Who wins each Thursday game? (Auburn/UGA, USC/Ole Miss, UT/Arkansas, LSU/Vandy) [ +/- 1 point each] UGA, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Vandy
  2. Of the teams receiving byes (UK, Bama, Florida, Miss. St) which win their Friday game and which lose? [ +/- 1 point each] UK, Alabama, Florida win, Mississippi St loses
  3. How many points does UK score in their Friday game? [ 4/3/2/1 point] 75
  4. How many points does UK score on average for the tournament? [ 4/3/2/1 point] 72.3
  5. How many points does UK allow on average for the tournament? [ 4/3/2/1 point] 59.3
  6. Predict the SEC Tournament MVP. [4 points Multiple Guess: max 4 guesses] Miller
  7. Predict the All Tournament Team (5 players). [ 1 point each correct choice, no penalty for an incorrect answer (this is not a Multiple Guess question)] Miller, Harrellson, Knight, Parsons, Boynton
  8. Which two teams will play in the Title game? [3 points each] UK and Florida
  9. Do any SEC West teams make it to the semifinals? [ +/- 1 point] Yes
  10. Predict Brandon Knight's assists for the quarterfinals/semifinals/finals. [2 points each] 6/7/4
  11. Predict Josh Harrellson's offensive rebounds in the quarterfinals/semifinals/finals. [2 points each] 4/4/2
  12. Predict Darius Miller's made field goals in the quarterfinals/semifinals/finals. [2 points each] 6/4/6
  13. How many UK players score at least 1 point in the tournament? [3 points] 7 players
  14. Who leads UK in scoring for the tournament? [3 points Multiple Guess: max 3 guesses] Knight

I would like to pat myself on the back for a moment by noting that the 3 players I highlighted for individual play questions each made the All-Tournament team.


Mean: 26.00
Median: 27.00
St. dev: 4.69



RK UserName PTS GOGS Played TOTAL PTS Rank by PTS AVERAGE Rank by AVG*
1 floundringaround 32 29 236 5 0.236 10
1 wildcatfaninexile 32 13 122 12 0.255 6
3 ukcris 29 21 194 6 0.263 4
4 kcgard2 28 28 257 2 0.267 3
5 a2d2 27 29 257 2 0.257 5
5 btcoop71 27 28 265 1 0.273 2
7 CATFAN85 24 12 102 13 0.238 9
8 BigSkyCat 23 29 252 4 0.252 7
9 kydamcat 19 24 192 7 0.229 11
9 triple_threat_stance 19 12 124 11 0.290 1
GoLightning 22 142 9 0.192 13
  kentuckygirl0724   17 125 10 0.219 12
Ken Howlett 22 187 8 0.250 8
  Ed R   7 59 16 0.252  
vinceuk1 10 65 14 0.198  
  dancoo626   5 40 17 0.221  
Magnoliacat 1 12 18 0.333  
  Wild Weasel   9 61 15 0.201  
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